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West Michigan Tick Control

Tick InfographicTick problems are as widespread in Michigan as they are anywhere else. These parasites can quietly latch on to both humans and animals, causing a wide variety of health problems. While ticks are rare in most homes, they can rapidly multiply and become a serious problem. Tick infestations can be especially serious among commercial properties that raise livestock, since ticks can make animals unfit for consumption. While not all ticks are infected with diseases, it is important for tick infestations to be treated seriously to prevent potential problems.

Problems with Ticks

Many people make the mistake of thinking that ticks are unimportant because their bites are relatively small and painless. Unfortunately, ticks can carry a variety of diseases that can make family members and pets chronically sick. Ticks often carry Lime disease, which can cause serious problems with a person's heart, bones, and nerves. Since ticks can also carry tetanus, it is important for tick bite victims to get a tetanus shot. The potential health problems associated with ticks mean that homeowners must address tick problems immediately to prevent loved ones from getting sick.

Deer Ticks

Deer ticks are very common throughout Michigan and most of the Northeastern United States. Also known among specialists as ixodes scapularis, these ticks are about 5 millimeters long and are either black or red in color. Deer ticks are commonly found on livestock and household pets. Unfortunately, deer ticks are naturally attracted to all warm-blooded mammals, including humans. Since deer ticks can carry harmful bacteria and Lyme disease, it is important to take care of tick populations immediately if they are found in or around a home.

Brown Dog Ticks

Brown dog ticks, also known as rhipicephalus sanguineus, can be found in most places around the world, including Michigan. Most experts see brown dog ticks as the most harmful variety of common ticks because they are frequently found indoors. These ticks wait patiently for a victim by attaching themselves to clothing, furniture, and other household items. Once a person comes in physical contact with one of these ticks, they will latch on and become difficult to remove. Pets can also attract brown dog ticks, so it is important to inspect animals carefully if tick populations have been found.

Kids in Garden

Getting Help

It is much easier for professionals to manage tick populations when an infestation is identified early. Homeowners, therefore, should seek professional help immediately if they find ticks around their house. Professional assistance is also recommended for pet owners who frequently find ticks on their animals. Addressing a tick problem early can enable professionals to eliminate tick populations as quickly as possible. Terminix of West Michigan offers service plans that include monthly lawn spraying and indoor treatments. Get in touch with Terminix of West Michigan today to permanently eliminate your tick problems.