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The Best Protection Plan In The Business

As the leader in termite control, Terminix is committed to meeting and exceeding our customers expectations. That's why we offer unlimited repairs on any new termite damage for the lifetime of your plan. It's the best protection plan in the industry. Whether you are looking for termite swarm control or subterranean termite control, we can help!



No Type Of Structure Is Safe

No matter what your home is made of stucco, brick, even stone, termites can find a way inside. In their search for food, termites construct shelter tubes through cracks in the foundation of a structure, concealing them from exposure. Because they work from the inside out, it's likely you won't see signs of infestation until damage is done.

Sentricon-always-active-logo The Most Effective Way to Fight Termites

tmx termitecrackThere is an advanced weapon in the war on termites, the Terminix Termite Baiting Program, featuring the Sentricon Colony Elimination System with Always Active Technology © . This method allows us to target termites where they live, either above or below ground. Helping prevent infestations and even eliminating the entire colony.  The Sentricon System has been proven to eliminate the termite colony – not just individual termites. This fact is backed by extensive third-party research – including 30 university studies and 45 published scientific articles – as well as more than 20 years of real life success. That gives you and your family greater peace of mind. The Sentricon System with Always Active technology begins the termite colony elimination process without delay and offers continuous property protection from termites.

Death to the Queen

recruit-iv-ag Service Is Convenient

With the Terminix Termite Baiting Program, monitoring and baiting can be done without entering your home, so service can be performed without disrupting your schedule. In cases of active structural infestation, your Terminix service professional has a variety of resources to customize a solution to meet your needs. In addition to the exterior baiting system, treatment options may include above ground termite bait stations placed directly on the infested area, and/ or conventional liquid treatment. Once a colony has been eliminated or substantially reduced, your home will be monitored regularly for signs of new termite activity.

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