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Spider Control in Grand Rapids & Surrounding Areas

spiderSpiders are arachnids that have eight legs and inject their prey with venom. While these animals normally live outdoors, they will invade homes that harbor insects, such as millipedes. Cracks and other openings in your home’s façade also increase the risk that spiders will move in. Some species like the American house spider prefer the climate-controlled environment of an enclosed structure. These spiders are responsible for the majority of cobwebs inside houses, which are a common sign of their presence. Spiders can inhabit dark or humid locations like plumbing fixtures, basements, crawl spaces, closets, bookshelf corners and storage cabinets as well as air vents and attics.

While spiders typically avoid human interaction, injuries can occur when you accidentally invade their space. A spider bite can cause itching, swelling and irritation similar to the discomfort of a bee-sting or a mosquito bite. Some venomous spider species like the brown recluse, hobo, tarantula or black widow can cause serious symptoms. These include severe abdominal pain, muscle spasms, headaches and vision abnormalities as well as necrotic skin lesions that can take several months to heal.

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If you notice signs of a spider infestation, contact Terminix for a free no-obligation quote. Our professionally trained exterminators will inspect your property for spiders and their insect prey. We will develop an effective plan to eradicate the infestation. The program generally requires indoor and perimeter applications of a professional pest control agent. Our targeted approach provides a more effective solution than over-the-counter consumer products. We can also establish a regularly scheduled pest control plan and provide tips that can prevent future occurrences, such as sealing cracks and replacing weather stripping.