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Rodent Control

Rat a tat tatTerminix of West Michigan can get rid of a variety of pests, including rats, mice and other rodents. These furry creatures may seem harmless, but sharing a home or office with them carries some serious risks. Knowing more about Michigan's most invasive rodent species will help you to avoid the damage that they can cause.

Common Rodents in Grand Rapids

Like most populated areas on Earth, Michigan is plagued by the highly adaptable house mouse. These rodents can flatten their bodies, allowing them to infiltrate virtually any building. The most problematic rat species in the state are the roof rat and the Norway rat. True to their name, roof rats can often be found in attics, trees and other high places. Norway rats are bulkier and are more likely to dwell in burrows along a structure's foundations.

Problems Caused by Rats & Mice

Rodents' teeth continue to grow throughout their lives, and they must gnaw frequently to keep them in check. In addition to damaging wood and other materials, this gnawing can lead to dangerous electrical fires when rodents target a structure's wiring. Rodents also pose a health risk due to their tendency to spread parasites and bacteria such as salmonella.

Signs of a Rodent Infestation

Trails of droppings and urine are common indicators of rodent infestations, and their nests are sometimes visible. You may also be able to detect rodents by keeping an eye out for holes and bite marks in wooden walls, cabinets and furniture. If you notice signs of an infestation, contact Terminix of West Michigan for a free quote. Our experts use the best tools and strategies in the industry and will quickly remove any rodents from the premises.