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Rockford Pest Control

Terminix West Michigan has provided superior pest control to the businesses and residents in and around the greater western Michigan region for more than 60 years. 

Residential, Commercial Pest Control in Michigan

Termites 7Residents of western Michigan are frequently surprised when spiders, termites or mice find their way into a residential property. However, it is a mistake to conclude that their presence reflects on the resident in any way. In fact, most infestations are a by-product of outside forces beyond the control of any homeowner. We still recommend taking every precaution to ensure that the food and water supplies are secured from any infestation.

Commercial properties are vulnerable to various infestations from mice, spiders or termites as well. The structural damage they can cause is a liability issue, and health regulations can threaten any company with hefty fines and fees. To avoid these problems, contact our professionals at Terminix West Michigan as soon as you become aware of an infestation.

Michigan Termite Control

Terminix West Michigan provides complete termite prevention services to the area’s residential and commercial properties. Since termites can remain undetected for long periods of time, our complete solution involves device installation, periodic checks and refills. By detecting the presence of these pests during the early stages, we can ensure that they will not spread to other areas. The end result is that you can avoid the expensive repairs that often accompany these infestations. Terminix uses a Sentricon System to address termite infestations during the early stages to eliminate the problem before it spreads. 

Michigan Bed Bug Control

The value of working with Terminix extends beyond our professional and courteous service providers. We promote an extremely effective RapidFreeze technology to treat infected homes and businesses. Our service plan covers areas that are contaminated by bed bugs, and this includes their eggs. They can hide these nests in mattress linings, upholstery, carpets and various other materials. We deploy a RapidFreeze system, which protects your property while destroying bed bugs and their nests.

Cockroach Infestations in Michigan

Michigan residents and businesses are often dismayed by infestations of cockroaches. These small insects can infest large properties while remaining undetected. They can contaminate food supplies and spread diseases through the small trails they leave throughout the home. Our professional service providers are experienced at detecting and eliminating these pests from your property. 

Pest Control Services for Michigan

Our services include the commercial districts and residential areas of Michigan, and our experienced pest control professionals understand the unique needs of each locality. We are proud of the results obtained by their efforts, and our goal is to expand our services as much as possible. If you detect any spiders, mice or termites, simply contact Terminix for a free quote.