Customer Testimonials for Terminix West Michigan

Testimonials for Terminix of West Michigan

Below you will find a handful of the testimonials and feedback we have received from our customers.  We take our clients' needs very seriously, and aim to leave the customer 100% satisfied with all of our pest control services.


I have been your customer since moving back to Michigan last year. I picked Terminix of West Michigan because of the outstanding service I received from Terminix in Memphis while living in Arkansas for more than 20 years. Since moving here I have received several offers of termite control service from your competitors, some of whom charge less for comparable protection. To be honest, a substantial reason for continuing with your company is the level of service that I receive.

Frank W is the technician assigned to protect my home. In addition to being a very courteous and personable gentleman, Mr. W has always been willing to provide information and explanations which cause me to be confident that I have the termite protection I wish to have.

Now that termite season is over and the holidays are approaching, I felt that I should inform you of my thoughts in the hope that it would favorably influence the Christmas bonus or annual raise that Mr. W so richly deserves. He is an outstanding representative of your company.

I am including an extra copy of this letter in the hope that you will give it to Mr. W so that he may be aware of the value I place on his work.

Mike L.

Spring Lake, Mi


Dear Terminix of West Michigan,

We have an old cottage back in the woods near Twin Lake. Chris has been helping get control of our uninvited guests for several years now. He is a wonderful dependable rep for your company.

Thank you,

Naomi J

Twin Lake, Mi



To all the wonderful folks at Terminix:

You have my sincerest thanks and on-going gratitude for

  1. What is obviously a great screening process for hiring - what kind, professional people (especially my Frank!)
  2. Excellent employee training - so knowledgeable and good communicators.
  3. Quick, considerate service.

You all have a wonderful way with senior citizens and that means so much!

Thank you Thank you

MaryAnne, 7/17/2014

Muskegon, Mi


I just wanted to let you know what a great tech you have in Chris!! I first met him when he came to my employers location in Twin Lake and addressed all my concerns. When we had an issue at home a couple years ago, I thought of him and and gave him a call. He was here in no time and fixed the problem and gave us the information we needed to keep the problem from happening again. It was then that we became diehard Terminix customers. We have Chris in every three months to keep us pest free and enjoying his visits.

When we once again ran into an issue that needed his attention "RIGHT NOW!", he was so wonderful. No questions asked, he just showed up once again and cleared up the issue that could have cost us thousands in repairs if he hadn't been available! He really is a great tech, a nice guy and how, someone we call a friend.


Vicky J. Muskegon, Mi.



Just a quick note to thank you for your great service to my beautiful condo. I just sold it so hopefully the new owners will appreciate your work and care.

Take care,

Shanda Z. Fruitport, Mi.


Dear Terminix,

I would like to take this opportunity to say "BRAVO" for a wonderful product. Since Terminix has been servicing my ant problem, everything is in control! However, the purpose of this letter is to say thanks for a technician who is so helpful and willing like Chris. Any problem I present- his response is always "NO PROBLEM !"

How wonderful to have a company who has an employee representing them in such a positive way. Congrats to you for having an employee like Chris. I'd recommend him anytime.


Kathy S. Baldwin, Mi. 


Terminix Office, Grand Rapids

This is to inform you of the excellent service provided to us on the short notice given for a problem we became aware of on Friday 6-24-11. Chris was here today and did an excellent termite inspection and a full coverage for the ant problem. You have a valuable employee in Chris and we want to let you know that.


Roy & Kathy S. Manistee, MI


This is a ‘thank you’ note from a grateful customer. We have enjoyed a wonderful working relationship with Walter for several years. Just want you to know how much we appreciate his care and concern and professionalism.

Hugh. B Grand Rapids, Mi.


I am writing this letter to let you know our satisfaction with your technician Chris. Chris has been doing our pest control for the past two years. We have been very satisfied with the service we have received from him. He is obviously very knowledgeable about the job and products. He takes his time and does a very thorough job. He is also very friendly when he is here. He has given us helpful tips as to how we can prevent critters from getting into the house. The couple of times I had to have him come out and do a re-do (the first time was after he took over for another technician who did our initial treatment, so it wasn’t really his re-do) we didn’t have any more problems.

Jodi B. Whitehall Mi.



I just thought I would tell you what a good job Chris has done for me. He is professional and courteous and also very knowledgeable. I am grateful that what was a big problem for me was so easily solved by him.

Thank you very much and thank Chris for me.


Joyce L. Muskegon, Mi


Pat R. Called to compliment Walter on outstanding customer service. The customer reported that Walter did a great job communicating to their father who is suffering from dementia/ They were very pleased and will gladly recommend Walter’s services along with Terminix in the future.

Pat R. Fennville, MI 


I would like to compliment you on your staff member, Chris. He is not only our excellent bug man, he is also a friend. We feel safe in our winter home in California, knowing that Chris is safe-guarding our cottage in Michigan. It is always a joy to get his call from Michigan and hear from him the status of the cottage. But also, it’s a jot to hear his warm, friendly voice. As I said, Chris is not only our bug man, he’s our friend. The cottage has been in our family for over 60 years. It has always been riddled with ants and mice. We are not bug and rodent free, and loving it. Thank you Chris and thank you Terminix for a wonderful friend.

Bob & Joanne B.  Muskegon, MI


We were pleased with the results of the Terminix treatment to our home in the past year. No more ANTS on my kitchen counter! Your technician Corey showed friendship, respect for our floors when he covered his shoes, gladly explained his procedures, and answered our questions. Even the little girl, who lives across the street, recognized him and waved. That happened last summer. We appreciate his cheerful personality.

Tom D. Grand Rapids, MI


It’s nice to have a workman come to my house who is on time, knows what he is doing, and covers his shoes. Thanks for sending Corey.

Joel A. Grand Rapids, MI 


I am one of Corey’s customers. Corey is always very courteous and knowledgeable. He calls to set up his service time and is prompt. He solved our ant problem a couple of years ago and we have not had a problem since. We are very satisfied with his work and his customer service. From our experience, Corey completes his job successfully with a warm and friendly demeanor. Thanks for sending him our way!

Whitney V. Grand Rapids, Mi.


Dear Customer Service,

I want to let you know how pleased we are with your service. Chris, our technician, has been very helpful and conscientious. I appreciate how he calls when he is planning to do a service and his flexibility in working with my schedule. I also want to let you know what a big difference your product, especially the exterior spider spray, has made in the amount of activity we see around our house (i.e. spiders, webs).

Thanks so much!

Valerie V. Spring Lake, MI. 


Walt has been our service person for several years now, and he is excellent. He is flexible with schedule, prompt, and professional. From the consumer end, Walt is tops. I recommend that you retain this message. Thanks for everything

John J. Wyoming, Mi.


A note of thanks to Chris for a job well done. He is very thorough and we are pest free!

Anne E. Muskegon Mi.


I must compliment on what a great employee Chris is. We have been more than pleased

Earl J. Twin Lake, Mi. 


Flexfab celebrates its 50th year in business this year. This milestone reminds us to thank you once again for the part you have played in our success. We very much appreciate the excellent professional and personal relationship we have enjoyed with you over the years. Our suppliers perform an essential role as partners in Flexfab’s success. In today’s world, even routine business can be demanding and often difficult. The extra effort by your company and its’ people to respond to our needs has truly made a difference

Doug D. Hastings, Mi.


We ALWAYS get wonderful service from Terminix. They are always professional, helpful, and punctual.

Linda F. Jenison, Mi.


I am writing regarding our service from Corey. Larry and I regard him as a courteous, respectful, prompt, and capable. Most importantly, we have no ‘critters’ in our home.

Nancy E. Grand Rapids, Mi.


I want to express to you what a wonderful worker and technician you have for Terminix. Corey is a very friendly man and answered all questions presented to him. He is very polite and I appreciate his work ethic. And he knows his job extremely well. It is important to give excellent feedback about an employee. Thanks for great service.

Sheryl D. Grand Rapids, Mi.


My name is Aimee H. Corey has been helping us at our house for a couple of years now. He has been great. So great, that both of my neighbors use him now too. He is always on time, explains what he is doing, and is always willing to answer ALL of my questions. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone I know. I hope this helps! If you have any questions, please feel free to call or e-mail me.

Aimee H. Ada, Mi. 


Just want you to know that I was very satisfied with the job that Dan did. He was courteous and professional during his visit, explained what he was doing and what the effect would be on the ants. I look forward to have Dan perform the remainder of the treatments.

Dave B. Evart, Mi.


Sara from GEROW Management called to compliment our office on Amy’s help while I was out of town. She said that ‘Amy was awesome’ with the help that she provided. I appreciate hearing that these accounts are handled so well while I’m out of town! Great job Amy!

Sara C. Grand Rapids, Mi. 


Dan is a good guy. Does his job like he should without any problems.

Roberta W. Edmore, Mi. 


I just wanted to let you know that we have received such excellent service from Terminix. Corey came out right away when I first made the call. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. We almost have the mice problem taken care of, and I couldn’t be happier. I know that businesses often don’t hear the good stuff and just get the complaints so I wanted you to know we are very pleased with Corey and would recommend Terminix to anyone that needs pest control

Karri G. Grand Rapids, Mi.


Yesterday, 2-16-10, Brian came to my home in Rockford to do a termite re-inspection as he has several times in the past. As usual, he was prompt, even calling me to let me know he would be later than expected and a new time. At my request he took time to explain the new insulation program to me and figured out the cost for me. Congratulations on an excellent employee.

Gary F. Rockford, Mi. 


Corey did a great job for me. I like the fact he explains things to me. He’s a very nice person, and respectful. I trust him a lot.

Marilyn D. Grand Rapids, Mi.


This letter is in regards to one of your technicians, Chris

Chris has been serving my parent’s home in Kent City, MI over five years. My parents were getting older and not able to really maintain any pest control as they had been able to do in the past. I had heard good things about Terminix and gave you a call. Raymond Cummings had come out to the house to inspect it, to see what exactly my parents needed in pest control. Chris was assigned to their home.

Chris came out and introduced himself to my parents. My father at that time was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Chris always took the time to talk with my Dad and explained what he was doing, he was very professional, as well as very respectful and patient with my father. Chris always took time to talk with my Dad and Mom, if he didn’t see dad outside he always came in to check on him, as well as my Mom. My parents are very hospitable people and would offer Chris a cup of coffee, which he always gladly accepted. I can’t tell you how much my parents appreciated his time and great attitude in talking with them. Dad didn’t talk with many people, but he liked Chris.

My father passed away a year ago in August. When Chris had come to do his pest service he came in asking where my Dad was, my mother told him that he had passed away. Chris was saddened to hear the news. He had nothing but kind words about my father, which he relayed to my mother.

We haven’t had Chris service my folks’ house in a while now. He is very much missed by us. We like Dan, he is professional and nice, but Mom doesn’t have the ‘relationship’ as she did with Chris. Chris had become one of my Mom’s ‘other kids’. We understand that there has been some rearranging of your technicians and territories, but Mom would love to have Chris service her house again, so if it is possible to have Chris come back and service the house it would be greatly appreciated.

There are lots of services out there, and that’s just what they are, a service. Chris has not only provided a good service but has made it personal. Where in the world would my aging parents or anyone find a technician that really takes an interest in their lives, as well as showing respect, patience, and genuine care about his customer? It isn’t out there, but it is evident in Chris.

I always recommend Terminix to anyone who is having a bug problem. Good personal service!

Desiree K. Casnovia, Mi.


Corey has been our technician for the past 4 years or so. He has always done a wonderful job, very thorough, polite, and efficient. He has also responded very quickly whenever I noticed a problem-especially the time there were bees in the lamppost and my grandchildren were arriving the next day! He always calls to let me know when he will be in the area and then we set the time convenient for us both. He is always on time.

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate such good service from such a nice person! He is probably one of the best ads for your business! I feel that such sincerity and good work should always be acknowledged.

Robert R. Ada, Mi.


I just wanted to let you know that Corey has been servicing my house for several years…

He has been very courteous, helpful, and efficient. He always calls and is on time. We have developed a nice relationship over the years.

I have been very happy with Corey’s performance.

Beth C. Ada, Mi.


Sharon W. called today to let me know that she was very pleased with the service that Eric provided her. He was prompt for their appointment and explained the details about the service to her satisfaction. She wanted to let me know that we have an excellent employee and we should be happy to have him working with us.

Sharon W. Grand Rapids, Mi.


Terminix has been an excellent investment for us. When we first contacted Terminix we had huge black ants in our kitchen each spring. Because they seemed to disappear in a few weeks, we assumed that it was just part of living in the woods. One day I heard a crunching sound coming from our kitchen door. And when that evening an ant took a detour across my hand in the middle of the night, I had had enough. Our Terminix agent found a large nest of carpenter ants in the door, a yellow jacket nest in our porch, and a second carpenter ant nest in our basement paneling, all of which he treated. Suddenly, our house was pest free! We were sad when he relocated to Florida, but not for long though, because he was replaced by Chris. Chris was very thorough and located a third nest of stubborn carpenter ants in our home, which he promptly treated and then hunted down their main home, which was in an old pine tree in our backyard. He sprayed all around that tree and any other tree he thought might harbor an ant colony in our yard. I am so pleased with the service we have received from Terminix and especially the outstanding service from Chris. I would like to recommend him for special commendation for a job well done.

David V. Spring Lake, Mi.


We have lived in 6 homes across 5 states and Corey has been on the (if not the) most consistent, reliable, honest, and knowledgeable service people we have ever used.

He is helpful, considerate, and very professional. There is nothing I can think of to suggest he needs to improve upon.

He is the best advertisement for Terminix, and your office specifically, and I have and will continue to recommend him to others.

Donna B. Ada, Mi.


We just wanted you to know that we think Chris is the best! He always arrived with a smile and a happy greeting. We love him!

Judy D. Conklin, Mi.


I wish to let you know I am extremely happy with your service and with Walter, whom provides me with efficient work, no matter the job. My kids thank you Walter for ridding us of a very large bee problem!

Terri W. Wayland, Mi.


We have done business since 2005 and we are very pleased with your work and your people. They have all been so patient and helpful.

When we discovered carpenter ants this winter, we used ant/roach motels and sprayer to no avail. When Frank came 4-29-09 for our regular check-up I asked him about ants. He suggested I call the office. I called Jenny 5-7-09 and she was so sweet and kind and told me what could be done.

In about an hour Joel called and said a man would be out in the afternoon. In an hour, Chris called and said he would be here in a couple of hours and he was. We discovered and realized he had been here before for termite check-ups. He is such a nice fellow. He is very courteous, caring, respectful, and thorough. It was like having one of our boys come home.

He did a great job, great service. Thank you for all your help and God bless.

I’m going to try to get more people in our neighborhood to call you.

James H. Wayland, Mi.


I wanted to contact you regarding the Terminix service provided by Corey. We are very pleased with the service we receive. Corey is polite and efficient when entering and inspecting our station. He seems to be very willing and eager to take care of any problems we may have. Thank you for the opportunity to report on his service.

Rebekah V. Grand Rapids, MI


This letter is in regard to the service contract we have with your for treatment of ants.

Your employee, Chris, did an excellent job at our house. This time was a second call following the original treatment three months ago. He called ahead of time and met our schedule. He explained everything to us very well, is a personable person, and treated the necessary areas as before. He also did a very thorough check of all the areas involved. He was very courteous and told us to call him if we had any further problems. Else, he would be back in another three months, as in our contract. We think you have an excellent employee in Chris.

John & Joyce D. Spring Lake, Mi.


Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate the professionalism in support that we receive from our Terminix service person, Corey. Corey has been servicing our home for the past few years, and is always very organized in scheduling his appointments, and prompt, friendly, and thorough in his service.

Jo W. Grand Rapids, Mi.


Please let Corey’s supervisor know that we have been so pleased with his professionalism, courtesy, and punctuality. He has made dealing with our carpenter ant problem so much more pleasant. Thank you Corey!

Kristi G. Grand Rapids, Mi.


We just wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed working with Corey over the years. He is not only knowledgeable, but he goes above and beyond to be helpful. We also like his friendly and very personable personality. We feel lucky to have him as our Terminix service representative.

Mark & Lisa H. Grand Rapids, MI.


I am writing to tell you about your employee that services our Cascade facility here at Ada Bible Church. In addition to owning several businesses, I am Facilities Director here at the church, and I can tell you without reservation I would hire Corey if an appropriate opportunity presented itself. He is professional, personable, thorough, and knowledgeable, and it is because of him that I have contracted to have Terminix service our Caledonia facility. You have a dedicated and loyal employee in Corey, and I hope you realize that fact.

Buzz L. Ada, Mi.


Mrs. Marge P called me to let me know that she was VERY pleased with the service work that Corey performed for her. He was very pleasant and professional, explained everything thoroughly, and she hasn’t seen any ants since he was there!

Very happy customer and appreciative of Corey’s efforts.

Thank you Corey!”

Marge P. Grand Rapids, Mi.


This is just a little thank you note in appreciation of the great job done here by Chris, in spite of all the snow!

Jean V. Marne, Mi. 


This is just a quick note to tell you how pleased we are with Terminix and our specialist, Corey. He is always so polite, friendly, professional-and the best part is that our house is best free! It is wonderful living in the woods, surrounded by trees, and not having to worry about anything creepy and crawly!

We had a mouse in our basement months ago, and Corey found the entry spot and we followed his instructions. It worked perfectly! I can’t imagine the problem that could have resulted if he didn’t find that tiny little spot.

Please not that we are very happy with everything and wanted to pass that along to you.

Linda E. Ada, Mi. 


It is my understanding that your service employee, Corey, would like me to provide feedback from our home regarding his performance on your behalf.

In all honesty, there are only positive things to say about the experience. Corey is always prompt in returning my calls and comes right away if I have any unexpected insect or rodent activity. I can rely on Corey to keep scheduled appointments, and to be on time. He is extremely cordial, professional, and, in my opinion, a great asset for your company. Corey is wonderful with my dogs who absolutely love to climb all over him, and he makes feel at ease with having him in my home. I enjoy having Corey as my service provider, always look forward to seeing him, and hope he will continue to be the one who services our area. He represents your company well.

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to provide feedback on Corey’s performance. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Vicki S. Ada, Mi.