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RapidFreeze Bed Bug Control in West Michigan

The Fast, non-toxic pest control exclusively from Terminix Commercial

rapid-freezeIntroducing RapidFreeze®, a new natural pest control treatment available exclusively through Terminix Commercial that uses carbon dioxide (CO2) to freeze bed bugs, including their eggs and nymphs. It is perfect for hotels, apartments, food processing plants and organic industries.

Fast Bed Bug Control in Grand Rapids

Eliminates bedbugs after direct contact so they don't spend another night in your room.
Effective on all life stages. Residual protection from organic dust applied in voids and crevices

Little Down Time For Your Hotel Room or apartment unit

RapidFreeze can come in direct contact with beds, carpet, linens and tabletops, even radios, TV's etc. without the need for cleanup. Non-staining to paint, plastic or wood. Unlike steam or heat treatments some service companies use which can leave bedding, furniture, window coverings, and carpet wet from the steam or possibly damaged from the extremely high heat.

100% Organic

Meets the requirements of the USDA for organic products.

Adds no additional carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.
(CO2 is a by-product of other processes)