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Muskegon Pest Control

Soldier termiteMuskegon is one of the largest cities on the shores of Lake Michigan. With just over 38,000 people, the city is the perfect size for enjoying the charm of a smaller town without sacrificing the important amenities of a larger city. The summers are warm, and area residents enjoy swimming, fishing and hiking along the lake. In the winter, residents bundle up and brace for the snow and cold temperatures.

Common Pests In Muskegon

Since Muskegon is rich in water and greenery, many pests also enjoy the city. The summer humidity brings mosquitoes, bees and wasps. Ants and cockroaches are present all year and find their way into food supplies. Mice and rats are also present all year. However, they are more commonly seen indoors when the temperatures are colder. They also attack food supplies and can even chew through containers. Another problematic pest that has no seasonal limitations is the bedbug. It can be transferred on clothing, luggage or even in a purse. These pests grow quickly in numbers and can cause itchy red bumps when they bite humans to drink their blood. Bedbugs are tiny, round, flat and brown.

Termites are another problematic pest. Muskegon residents often see them in the spring and throughout the fall. Most of the termites in the area enter buildings through tiny dirt tubes or tunnels, which they build along the foundation of a structure. They can invade homes, detached garages, sheds and trees. When they enter the home, they are also known to destroy papers and wallpaper. Termites can burrow through wood and destroy it, which can be an expensive disaster when the wood is part of the building's structural support. Infestations can be hard to find. Look for signs of gnawed wood, wall areas that sound hollow but should sound solid and piles of shed wings.

How To Get Rid Of Pests

Never attempt to use DIY pest control methods. Many of the gentle treatments such as vinegar for ant lines will only send pests to different locations in the same building. If they move to hard-to-reach areas, removing the infestation can be more difficult. Also, their colonies grow even more and cost more to remove. Some other DIY methods include chemical mixtures that pose harm to family members and pets. Several people have been hospitalized from chemical injuries, and those medical bills are far more expensive than hiring a professional pest control company.

For any type of pest problem in Muskegon or neighboring areas, contact Terminix of West Michigan. We operate behind a trusted name that is known for quality products and efficient services. Our professionals assess individual situations to determine the best course of action. We also consider sources of attraction on properties such as plentiful trees, wood piers, pools and other features. Our professionals can design a personalized pest prevention program to help area residents stay ahead of pest problems. To learn more or for a free estimate, please call Terminix of West Michigan.

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