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Mosquito Control Services

Western Michigan summers are hot and beautiful. Many people enjoy getting out to enjoy the beaches of Lake Michigan, camp in the many state, local, and national forests, bike, hike, boat, fish, and swim. Lack of activities certainly isn't the problem. The problem that nature provides comes in the form of tiny, buzzing insects called mosquitoes. Those blood-thirsty pests know how to crash a party and ruin it. Homeowners can ensure their backyard barbeques will be safe from uninvited guests this year by hiring a professional pest control service to rid their outdoor space from annoying mosquitoes.

Our unique formula has been proven to reduce mosquito populations in treated areas by more than 90% in two to three weeks*. And it's effective on a wide range of mosquito types, including hard-to-control urban species. With monthly treatments, your family is protected all season long.

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How Mosquito Management Works

Forget spraying chemicals on your skin. Or breathing in the fumes from foggers, candles or coils. Call on Terminix Mosquito Service. We go after the mosquito, not you! Our revolutionary new system is more than a barrier or repellent. It's a killer, putting an end to the mosquitoes that threaten your family and your outdoor enjoyment.

We bait them. Then terminate them.

Once a month during mosquito season, your Terminix technician will strategically spray vegetation and other typical mosquito hideouts with our exclusive dual action formula. One part is a sugar-based attractant that draws them in to feed. The second part is a killing agent that ensures they never feed on people again.

  1. Bait: Mosquitoes are attracted to and feed on irresistible bait.
  2. Kill: After Mosquitoes ingest the bait, they stop feeding on people and soon die.
  3. Collapse: Mosquito populations collapse – more than 90% in just three weeks!

Signs of Mosquitoes

Mosquito bites result most commonly in various-sized itchy bumps that go away within a few days. However, they pose a greater risk as disease carriers. Mosquitoes spread and transmit diseases, such as West Nile Virus and other types of encephalitis. Domestic dogs are in danger of contracting heart worm from mosquitoes. Your best defense is to get rid of as many of them as possible, as they provide absolutely no benefits to people.

Most people know how to spot these buzzing beasts as they approach, searching for their next meal. It is a natural reaction to swat and kill them. Although I've never met a person who was interested in which type of mosquito was feasting on their arm, there are actually 60 different species of mosquitoes in Michigan. Some prefer permanent lakes and rivers as their home, others roost in temporary flood waters, and some types will make their home out of a bucket or other container of standing water.

Mosquito Services

Water is key to mosquitoes' development. Without water, they cannot mature. Warm, moist, dark areas are favorites for mosquitoes. That's why mosquito populations vary from year to year, depending on the weather. Hot, dry summers are less conducive to mosquitoes' favored environments. Wind helps to keep them away, as well as the hot sun. They are rarely a problem on the beach.

Mosquito Spraying

With the recent reports of mosquitoes carrying the West Nile Virus, it is very important to control the mosquitoes on your property. We have been getting a lot of calls for mosquito spraying jobs in Ada lately.

People in Michigan go to great lengths to keep mosquitoes at bay. They apply chemicals to clothing and skin, spray their yards with pest control aerosols, and light candles and torches. Many of these efforts are met with disappointment as the mosquitoes continue to flock to their warm bodies. Professional pest control services have high-grade equipment and supplies to rid yards of mosquitoes for the duration of the summer. People of western Michigan can save themselves headaches by contacting the professionals to get the job done right.