Muskegon Mole Control | Terminix West Michigan

Mole Control in West Michigan

mole2Terminix provides a comprehensive mole control program that we design to specifically addresses the mole problem on your property.

Our program is determined by the size of your property, the scope of the problem, and the perceived population of moles that reside on your property. The main ingredient to a successful mole program is a thorough inspection and an educated assessment of the situation.

Mole Baiting Services

Terminix of West Michigan relies on using bait which mimics the moles main food source: earthworms.

The program revolves around a cycle of inspections and bait placement, where our technician frequently visits your home and performs the necessary measures to rid your yard of moles.

Programs include monthly service for severe problems, as well as seasonal programs for problems which are easier to control. Our trained inspector will perform a free inspection and submit a written proposal to solve your mole problem. We serve all of Western Michigan, including Wyoming, Lowell and Muskegon. If you are looking for safe, affordable mole removal, look no further.