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Middleville, MI Pest Control

Terminix of West Michigan has provided quality pest control services to residents in Middleville and the Grand Rapids area for more than 60 years. Our staff has the experience to diagnose any pest control problem and to implement a solution that eliminates the pests and prevents them from returning. No matter if it's termites or ground moles, our certified team understands the importance of making a proper assessment before taking action. We strive to eradicate pests in your home while protecting your family's health.

Carpenter Ant Control

Carpenter ants cause cosmetic damage to homes across Middleville. These tiny invaders burrow into wood such as siding and decks, leaving behind holes along fascia, railings, fences and other wooden structures. Although they don't eat the wood, they use it for shelter and to expand their colonies. Our professional technicians can inspect your property for carpenter ants, eliminate the infestation and create preventative measures to keep them out.

Termite Control

Termites cause more damages to homes in a single year than all the severe storms combined. Homeowners often have to fork over thousands of dollars to repair floors, walls and their home's underlying structure. These pests use wood as a food source and build expansive colonies within your home's wooden frame. They also attack other wooden objects on your property, such as fences and furniture. Terminix specializes in termite control and knows how to combat these destructive pests and to create a barrier around your home that protects against reinfestations.

General Pest Control Services

Ants and termites aren't the only pests that have homeowners picking up the phone and calling Terminix of West Michigan. We provide general pest control services to tackle the most stubborn pests in the state, from Japanese ladybugs to disease-spreading mosquitoes. We stomp out cockroach infestations using curative and preventative methods and plug up entryways to keep out rodents. Our team has the experience and the knowledge to remove a variety of pests from homes throughout Middleville, such as:

  • Bats
  • Bed bugs
  • Boxelder bugs
  • Moles
  • Root weevils
  • Spiders

Professional Pest Control in Middleville

Contact Terminix of West Michigan for a free inspection of your home or business. Without professional technicians to diagnose the situation, a pest infestation can get out of hand and become a much bigger problem in the future. We'll inspect your property, provide a detailed report and customize a program that tackles the pest in question and prevents further infestations.