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Pest Control in Ludington, MI

The area around Ludington, Michigan, features warm summers, old and snowy winters and countryside that features hundreds of lakes, rivers and streams.Located on Lake Michigan, this harbor town attracts tourists for recreation, boating and swimming in Lake Michigan, Hamlin Lake and other small lakes. Luddington’s combination of geographic attributes creates an ideal breeding ground for insects, rodents and water-borne pests. These vermin can affect your quality-of-life outlook in the Ludington area where the outdoor activities are family-friendly and ever-present. Household pests can spread disease, foster unsanitary living conditions and generate other health risks.

That's why many area home and business owners choose Terminix West Michigan residential, commercial and termite pest control services. The company offers custom treatment plans based on your needs for residential, commercial and termite control services.

Residential Service

Terminix offers residential pest control services based on your seasonal needs, indoor pest infestations and landscaping and garden features. The company can handle outdoor rodents and pests, flying insects and mosquitoes, and interior pests like mice and rats, bed bugs, cockroaches, beetles, spiders and ants. The company can treat kill existing colonies with chemicals, gas or family-friendly pest control products, and the team can install exterior chemical barriers to prevent new infestations. Controlling mosquitoes in waterfront areas is especially important because these insects carry diseases such as encephalitis, malaria, West Nile virus and others. Mosquitoes spread these diseases by biting animals and people and spreading the pathogens through the blood.

Commercial Service

Commercial pest control services in Michigan vary tremendously based on whether you need to control agricultural and/or landscape pests or indoor pests at your place of business. Terminix provides customized commercial pest control services based on your needs, whether you have multiple locations or just a small office or restaurant. The services the company offers include the following:

  • Customized Treatments: Your plan can be tailored to your seasonal, indoor, outdoor and commercial needs.
  • Approved Chemicals: All the treatments use EPA-approved materials, and specialized treatment approaches are available depending on your business--such as special programs for restaurants, outdoor dining fly control, etc.
  • Integrated Pest Management: The maintenance programs can be tailored to your needs and include trapping and releasing animals, monitoring the premises for new pest threats, and conducting regular inspections. Treatments can be scheduled weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or whatever works best for you and your business.
  • Special Hours: The company can treat your premises during off-hours so that business operations and customers never see the treatments.
  • Confidential: All services are confidential.

Termite Control

termite subterraneanTermites number among the most troublesome household pests in the Michigan and the rest of the world. These pests have existed for 250 million years, so the problem won't go away on its own. Termite damage to your home or business ranks as the greatest risk to wood buildings, which tops even natural disasters such as wind and flooding. Termites continue feeding on your home's infrastructure throughout the year and not just in the spring, and they can remain undetected for years. Insurance often fails to cover damage to your property caused by termite infestations.

Termites can enter your home through gaps as small as one 32nd of an inch, which is about the thickness of a sheet of paper. Fortunately, the professionals at Terminix are familiar with the breeding cycles and entry points of local species of subterranean and drywood termites. Pest control services can kill existing colonies with chemicals or tenting, and chemical barriers prevent new infestations.

It's important to get a professional take on any pest control problem you have. Terminix will be happy to answer your questions and provide a price quote on treatment services. Call or contact the company today for further information.