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Lady Bug Control

LadybugThe most likely time that you will have a ladybug infestation is right now because they are getting together to find a warm place to hibernate. Now that you are heating your home more often, ladybugs are aware of this, and they are taking this as an invitation to enter your home. Once they are inside the house, they remain for the entire winter.

When ladybugs first enter your home, they may take up residence within the walls where you will not necessarily see them. However, the sign that they are there is the yellow secretion that is actually ladybug blood. Ladybugs can voluntarily discharge their blood when they are in stressful situations. If you do not see this blood, you may smell it because the odor is known to be highly unpleasant.

Ladybug blood can stain the surfaces of your furniture, carpet or the walls. Wherever the ladybugs are, you may find these yellow stains. Furthermore, this blood contains pheromones that are meant to attract other ladybugs, and these pheromones can remain within your home for several years. This makes it possible to have a ladybug infestation each year unless you can manage to rid your house completely of these ladybug pheromones.

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Ladybugs that have been hiding in your walls or underneath your home will emerge after hibernation is over and the temperatures start to rise again. Their intention will be to go outside, but they may find their way into your living space instead. Before this happens, call us at Terminix for a free quote so that we can address the infestation before these ladybugs have a chance to make their way inside your home.