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Kentwood, MI Pest Control

Terminix of West Michigan has served Kentwood and the surrounding areas for more than 60 years. We take pride in building lasting relationships with our customers and want to keep providing pest-free homes and businesses long into the future. Insect pests aren't going away anytime soon, so we're always on call when an infestation has occurred in your home, office or establishment. If you have trouble with ants and other pests, Terminix of West Michigan is here to help.

Carpenter Ant Control in Kentwood

Carpenter ants act a lot like termites. They burrow holes and create their homes in wood, so your decks and wood siding are prime targets. Carpenter ants may not eat wood, but they do cause unsightly holes that ruin your home's aesthetics. The holes also let in moisture, which can lead to rot and structural damage. Our professionals can treat your home for carpenter ants and use preventative methods to reduce the risk of reinfestation.

Professional Kentwood Termite Control

A termite is like a carpenter ant's evil cousin. Whereas carpenter ants only bore into wood, termites go the extra mile and eat it. They consume wood as their primary food source while using the surrounding structure as a home for their colony. As the colony expands, the termites move farther into the building. This expansion, combined with the consumption of the wood, causes massive structural damage and repair costs. Our professionals treat termite infestations at the source and can help pretreat new homes and businesses as a preventative measure.

Affordable General Pest Control Services

Termites and carpenter ants aren't the only stubborn pests in Kentwood. Rodents, cockroaches and bed bugs also cause problems for both residents and business owners. Spiders invade homes in a creepy way, and silverfish can scare you away from your bathroom sink. No matter if it's a problem with squirrels in the attic or roaches in the kitchen, we have a proven solution for combating pests of all types and keeping them out of your home.

Contact Terminix of West Michigan

Pests don't take time off, and neither do we. Contact Terminix in Kentwood if ants, termites or other pests have infested your home. We're available to take your call 24/7 and can handle most any pest concern. Let our team inspect and treat your home for bothersome pests and provide routine maintenance to keep them out no matter the time of year.