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Jenison Pest Control

Tucked along the western edge of Michigan, Jenison is a quaint community that offers a family environment for its residents. With less than 20,000 residents, Jenison feels like a small town, but as part of the larger Georgetown Charter Township, Jenison has plenty of amenities nearby. Unfortunately, thanks to Michigan's warm, humid summers, there are also plenty of pests nearby.

Pest Problems in Jenison

Like many places in the upper Midwest, Michigan teems with insects and other pests during the summer months. During these warmer months, it is not uncommon for unsavory pests to find their way into your home. This is especially true with spiders, ants and roaches. Although the frigid winters do make life difficult for many insects, it is also a catalyst that can send them seeking shelter in your walls. These pests can certainly be a problem, which is why you need to know about quality pest control service.

Residential Services

spiderYour home should be your refuge. Therefore, you should address pest issues promptly. Ants are common invaders, and their populations can get worse in the summer or after it rains. Spiders can be a yearlong nuisance, and they are especially prevalent during the fall and spring. While these pests are bothersome, they are not as unseemly as roaches. These creatures are very difficult to kill, which is why expert support is needed. Residential homes are also prone to bed bugs, and these nuisances are very difficult to identify without professional help. With our residential service, our experts can check your home for pests and devise a plan to eliminate them from your home once and for all.

Commercial Services

Pests are not merely an inconvenience for your business. They can even cost you on the bottom line. After all, your patrons will not want to come back if there are pests lingering. Restaurants are most prone to attracting pests, but all businesses are susceptible. If you suspect a problem, call before it gets out of hand. Once your reputation is tarnished by pests, it can be nearly impossible to rebuild it. Commercial service options can also cover ants, bed bugs, roaches, spiders and more.

Termite Control

While we encourage our clients to deal with all pest problems, termites simply cannot be ignored. Termites can actually cause structural damage to your home or business, eating away the support beams from the inside. Termites are especially dangerous because they can be hard to detect without professional training. We offer comprehensive termite control. We will inspect your home for any sign of problems. Then, if a problem is detected, we can take a proactive approach that eliminates the infestation before it gets much worse.

Your Pest Control Experts

There are many options for pest control in Jenison. However, your pests should not be handled casually. You need an experienced team to best identify your pests. Only then can a solid plan be devised. This is the service we offer. Our team has experience with all kinds of pests in all kinds of buildings. With this experience, we can quickly hone in on problems, and we have the right tools to solve those problems before they get any worse. If pests are ruining your home or business in Jenison, be sure to call us today for a free quote.