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Ionia Pest Control

For more than 60 years, Terminix West Michigan has provided effective pest control techniques and related services to individual residents and business owners within the western region of Michigan. Our customer base is as diverse as the areas we serve, and we understand the needs of the local population when it comes to efficient pest control. We hire experienced professionals who have a solid track record for getting results, and we are proud to acknowledge their expertise as the basis of our good reputation in the community. 

Residential, Commercial Pest Control in Michigan

Bed Bug 3Pest infestations cause a variety of problems. Some of these problems can be severe enough to depress the value of the property. Certain pests can also spread diseases by contaminating the food supplies. This does not reflect on the home in any way, for any house can experience an infestation of bed bugs, termites or roaches.

Commercial properties are also vulnerable to infestations by termites, bed bugs and cockroaches. Any business, office or commercial facility that is infested could incur fines and fees from the local authorities, and the reputation of the company is at stake. 

Michigan Termite Control

Terminix offers comprehensive termite control for Michigan homeowners. We provide installation, monitoring and refilling services to ensure that the property remains pest-free all year long. Many termites work from the inside, which means that they can remain undetected for extended periods of time. By the time you notice the damage, it could be too late to avoid costly repairs on the property. Our Sentricon System tackles the problem at the root level, so you will stay protected from this invisible menace.

Michigan Pest Control for Bed Bugs

Terminix offers comprehensive RapidFreeze treatments for businesses and residents who are concerned about bed bug infestations, which are common in western Michigan. This service can treat a variety of surfaces that tend to be vulnerable to infestations by bed bugs. They can lay their eggs in various kinds of furniture, linens, carpet fabric and upholstery. Our RapidFreeze technology addresses these common problem areas without leaving any residue or damage.

Cockroach Infestations in Michigan

Cockroaches can enter Michigan homes and businesses in various ways. They can penetrate the structure through small cracks and crevices, and they can remain undetected for long periods of time within the walls. Once they are inside the building, they can chew through various food containers, and they spread bacteria throughout the building, which can cause health problems. 

Professional Pest Control in Michigan

Our experts have the experience, tools and training necessary to serve your interests at every level. Commercial properties and residential homes are vulnerable to various infestations of these pests. We have developed a system that addresses the root problem of the infestation, so contact Terminix West Michigan for your free quote today.