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Holland, MI Pest Control

Mosquito sucking bloodManaging pest infestation is a year-round effort in Michigan. Some bugs thrive in warmer weather while others survive in indoor areas or are more active in certain seasons and environmental conditions.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes proliferate during the hot and muggy summer months especially where rainfall leaves standing water in crevices, flower pots and natural reservoirs, creating the perfect breeding grounds for these flying insects. Not all mosquitoes common to Michigan are blood suckers, and only the female of the species actually feed on human blood. They are known vectors of diseases such as malaria, West Nile and lymphatic filariasis.

Mosquitoes can thrive indoors and outdoors. They may be difficult to control because they breed quickly and have the ability to fly long distances.

Cockroach Control

Two types of roaches are common to the Midwest: The American cockroach, measuring about 1.5 inches long as adults and the smaller German roaches that do not exceed one-fourth to one-half of an inch in length. The German cockroach can hitch a ride in boxes, suitcases and furniture. Once inside, these pests need water, food and the right temperature to expand the population. The American cockroach prefers humid areas such as sewers, utility rooms and basements.

Roaches carry bacteria and other pathogens that can contaminate food. Roach infestations have been implicated in salmonella poisoning and asthma attacks in sensitive individuals.

Termite Control

The termite species that pose a problem to Michigan property owners is the Eastern subterranean termite. This is a highly destructive type that feeds on the softer sections of construction timber, affecting the structural integrity of houses and buildings. Springtime swarming is the usual indicator of a termite problem although established colonies may build mud shelter tubes over solid surfaces to serve as permanent pathways.

The main colony is usually located in-ground below the frost line, but termites travel to find food sources. They can squeeze through cracks and spaces that are less than 1/64th of an inch wide, establishing subsidiary colonies closer to their food source.

Professional Exterminators in Holland, MI

Pest infestation is a fact of life for property owners. However, awareness of the problem, regular inspections and timely pest management strategies can minimize the extent of infestation. The professionals at Terminix of West Michigan will identify the problem and create a pest management plan customized to your needs. Contact Terminix today for a consultation, and take control of pesky pest infestations.