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Hastings Pest Control

Terminix of West Michigan has served Hastings and surrounding communities with dependable pest control services for more than 60 years. Every member of our team is state certified, well trained and experienced at the elimination of rodents, roaches, bed bugs and many other pests that may intrude Western Michigan homes.

Get Rodents under Control

Rat newRats and mice are the most common rodents to enter homes, but there are more than 2,000 rodents in existence. There are more than 30 diseases that can pass from these animals to humans, and the bacteria found in their nests is toxic when inhaled. Even cleaning up a small amount of rat droppings may put your health at risk.

Small rodents often enter homes through small cracks or holes. If your drainage pipes aren't sealed, that's another potential entry point. It's best to call Terminix at the first sign of a rodent in your home because larger infestations are often difficult to eliminate. They may also cause damage to the structure of your property if allowed to live there too long.

Roach Control

Once you a see a cockroach on your property, you can guarantee there are more. They are excellent at hiding and can live for long periods of time without eating, so you may have more living in your home than you realize. Leave the problem for too long, and it may take months to completely eliminate them from your home or office.

These small brown pests can lay 50 or more eggs at once, so they multiply rapidly. They can completely take over your home and make simple things like food storage difficult. If you enjoy entertaining guests in your home, you won't want to do so with a cockroach infestation. In some cases, these pests can cause asthma in children, so it's important to eliminate them from your home immediately.

Bed Bug Extermination

Bedbug 555It's far too easy to bring a bed bug into your Hastings, Michigan home. They can hitch a ride home in your luggage if you stay in an infested hotel room or cling to your clothing if you encounter them at a friend's home. They have flat, reddish-brown bodies and depend on human blood for food. They can go long periods of time without feeding and are notoriously difficult to eliminate. Just when you think they're gone, you feel the sting of the itchy rash left on your skin from one of their blood-sucking sessions.

If you're ready to eliminate these pests or any others from your home, give our professionals a call today. We'll make sure the job is done efficiently, and we'll help you prevent future infestations as well.