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Grandville, MI Pest Control

If you live or operate a business in Grandville, you’ve made a great investment. For a town of this size, our parks, rivers and miles of hiking trails are impressive. We have a terrific shopping district, award-winning restaurants and even a brewery, but we’ve managed to preserve that increasingly rare small-town vibe.

Grandville is not without its pest problems, but Terminix of West Michigan has got you covered.

Residential Pest Control

Pests like your home as much as you do, and they’re good at finding points of entry. Unfortunately for the pests, so are our technicians. Our crew members are highly skilled at finding those hidden spots on your property that are ideal for breeding. Mosquitoes, for instance, deposit hundreds of eggs in ridiculously small amounts of water. The slightest depression in your yard or flower bed could become the source of your worst nightmare. Termites build underground tunnels leading to aboveground wood sources, such as trellises or firewood, that are in direct contact with the home. The termites just munch their way into the house from there. Addressing problems outside takes care of problems inside. After a thorough inspection, we’ll design customized treatments to get rid of pests and prevent their return.

Commercial Pest Control

Pests aren’t good for your bottom line. Infestations can do structural damage, drive customers away and ruin your reputation. Our experienced technicians will diagnose your problem and offer practical, effective solutions. Our treatments won’t disrupt operations or create an unhealthy environment for your clients or employees. When we can’t work around business hours, our team members enter discreetly and conduct themselves professionally. We have an excellent track record in a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, education and hospitality. Don’t let rodents, bedbugs or roaches keep your business from thriving.

Common Pests

Here are some of the usual suspects that we regularly encounter in West Michigan:

Protect Your Investment in Grandville

Terminix has been serving the Grand Rapids area for more than six decades. We’re committed to quality work, outstanding service and 100 percent customer satisfaction. Our reputation in the community speaks for itself.

In our experience, customers who have spotted just a few bugs or one rodent often have more significant problems than they thought.

Don’t put your property, your family’s safety or your livelihood at risk. Pest control is largely about preventing widespread infestation before it happens.

Call today for a free quote on professional treatment for your home or business.