Forest Hills Pest Control Near Me | Spider, Mice & Termite Exterminator

Forest Hills Pest Control

For well over 60 years, Terminix of West Michigan has provided quality pest control services to the residents and businesses of Forest Hills and the surrounding area. In order to ensure that we continue to offer the very best services to our customers, each member of our state-certified staff regularly attends continuing education classes that teach the latest and best methods of pest control. Regardless of the type of pest problems you have encountered, we can eradicate any pests from your home or place of business in a timely and effective manner.

spider - 5Spider Eradication

Even though most spiders are generally harmless, it can still cause quite a fright when you see a spider scurrying across the floor of your home or feel those eight legs crawling along your body as you try to sleep, and it is possible that a bite from any spider may make you feel ill. You should suspect the presence of spiders if you see webs or notice insects in your home because spiders will follow their food source. Our technicians will be able to apply an appropriate pesticide inside of the home to eliminate both insects and the spiders that hunt them. A perimeter pesticide will also be applied to keep spiders from coming near your home in the future.

Mice Removal

The common house mouse can pose dangerous health risks and serious property damage to Michigan residents. These pests like to come into your home where they can make a nest in your comfortable climate and have easy access to your food supply. You may see signs of nesting or find their droppings left behind. Mice are notorious chewers, and you may find that they have gnawed their way into your food items or right through your walls. Disease can be spread from the mice droppings and from the parasites that they carry on their bodies, so it is important that they be completely removed from your home. Our technicians will determine the best way to remove the mice and provide a complete cleanup to make sure nothing is left behind to make you sick.

termite subterraneanTermite Control

A termite infestation can seriously damage any type of structure with little or no signs until the damage is extensive, so it is wise to have your home checked for these pests on a regular basis. Terminix is the leader in termite control, and we use the new technology in the Terminix Termite Baiting Program to keep your home safe. We are so confident in our product that we guarantee unlimited repairs on any new termite damage for the lifetime of your plan.

Free Inspections Available

If you have a question or a concern about any of the above-mentioned pests or any others, please give us a call today at 888-861-7955. You can be assured of speaking with a knowledgeable staff member 24-hours a day every day, and we are happy to send out a trained technician as quickly as possible to offer you a free inspection.