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The presence of pests is a sure way to send your customers running to your competitors. If a formerly loyal customer finds a pest in your establishment, they are almost certain to never return. In today's digital age, pests can also lead to long-term reputational damage when customers post nasty reviews about their experience or even pull out their phone to record the pests they find. Additionally, customers who find pests often contact regulators, and this can lead to astronomical fines and your business getting shut down permanently. To avoid the serious issues that pests can create for commercial businesses, you should learn how to deal with these problems as quickly as possible.

Why Pest Problems Matter

Almost everyone has found a few benign ants crawling around their house, so business owners often make the mistake of brushing off pest issues as a triviality that ought to be ignored. In reality, even minor pest issues can lead to serious legal repercussions under laws that have been enacted both at the state and federal levels. Fines are commonly in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and limited liability protections and even bankruptcy are usually insufficient to free yourself from these penalties. There are also a broad range of other problems associated with pests that are unique to commercial businesses, including:

  • Disruptions to daily operations: When pest issues worsen, they can compel you to temporarily shut down facilities or decrease operational efficiency by avoiding certain activities.
  • Harm to your reputation: News about your pest problems can quickly spread through word of mouth or through online channels. When key stakeholders discover the problems you are facing, your good name can be seriously tarnished.
  • Property damage: Property that gets damaged or destroyed by pests can depreciate at an accelerated rate and require you to pay for expensive repairs that could have been avoided with early intervention through pest control. In severe cases, pest-related property damage can lead to investors or banks calling loans due to perceptions of negligence.

How Terminix Offers a Rapid Pest Control Solution

Pest issues can be seriously detrimental to your business, so it is critical to act fast as soon as these problems are discovered. Our professionals adapt to the needs of businesses by offering 24-hour services that are available every day of the year. We promise to be on site within two hours of your call to rapidly assess your situation and begin implementing a solution. For those businesses who are facing a bed bug infestation, our 100% organic RapidFreeze® technology eliminates bed bugs after direct contact, ensuring they don't stick around any longer.

While bed bugs may get the best of certain businesses in the Grand Rapids area, restaurants, hospitals, and nursing homes can suffer as well. Luckily, Terminix of West Michigan can help with such infestations thanks to our field-proven Bio-Sys Microbial Treatment products. Bio-Sys Microbial Treatment is an environmentally-safe premium surfactant (soap) for nonfood surfaces, which help remove a number of pests, specifically flies. No one wants to go to a place where flies are infecting their food or living quarters, so Terminix of West Michigan is here to help.

In most cases, we can begin treating your pest issues during the initial on-site service call. We pack our trucks with the ideal mix of equipment necessary to solve the most common commercial pest issues, so we can usually implement solutions right away. However, if we discover that we need additional equipment, our staff will immediately return to our facility, then promptly come back with what we need to begin implementing your treatment plan as soon as possible.

Get Started With Terminix

As the market leader in commercial pest control, we take pride in the fact that we can literally solve any pest issue. We apply integrated pest management techniques to reduce pest levels below the statutory threshold that could subject your business to potential fines, and we can even reduce pest populations to zero if your business depends on perfect sanitation.

Our team of licensed professionals can manage the entire pest control process from initial intervention to long-term management. All of our services are backed by our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee that will return the amount that you have paid for the last 90 days plus 10 percent if your are dissatisfied. Contact Terminix of West Michigan today to start eliminating your pest problems forever.