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Cockroach Control

RoachCockroaches are extremely hardy creatures that seem to have the ability to live through any pest control program you use against them. Furthermore, they are highly adaptable insects that can be found anywhere in the world. However, they do prefer dark areas that are warm and damp.

The Dangers of Cockroaches

Cockroaches can cause a lot of damage in your home. From chewing holes through food packages to staining curtains and photos, these annoying pests are nothing to laugh at. To make matters worse, roaches can spread dirt and bacteria all over your home. This can encourage the development of various illnesses and can even trigger acute asthma attacks.

Hiding Places for Roaches in Kentwood

It is an unsettling fact that for every cockroach you see crawling around in your house, there are likely hundreds more hiding within your ceiling and walls. As stated above, roaches love dark, warm and/or damp areas. As such, large colonies of cockroaches can often be found in such places as under sinks, behind appliances, in the corners of your ceiling and within your walls.

Signs of Cockroaches

Cockroaches typically only come out in the open to search for water or food. While they are out, they will leave various signs of an infestation. Since roaches will eat most anything, you may notice holes in such things as paper, cardboard, food packaging, photos, clothing and even shoes. Other signs are as follows.

  • Tiny Black Droppings
  • Stains on Walls, Paper, Curtains and Photos
  • Brown Egg Cases
  • Foul Odors Coming from Cupboards or Under Sinks

What You Can Do

If you have noticed any of the signs listed above, do not fret. There is still something you can do to rid your home of roaches once and for all. Although cockroaches can be highly resistant to most over-the-counter pest control products, Terminix of West Michigan can help.

Our trained technicians have all of the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to rid your home of these annoying pests in no time at all. Call us today and ask for your free quote. Our friendly customer service representatives are waiting to answer any questions you may have.