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Carpenter Ant Control in West Michigan

Carpenter ant guarding its nestAt Terminix, we have a well-constructed plan to stop carpenter ants

Once carpenter ants have moved in, they travel between the parent colony and its satellites, foraging for food, such as syrup, honey, jelly, meat, fruit, grease and fat. It is very common to find them in or around a dishwasher, besides all of the food residue it is a good source of water for them. They are also commonly found in bathrooms and attics where there was a prior or current roof leak. They can also be found any other place where there is a source of water.

Grand Rapids Carpenter Ant Extermination

  • Carpenter ants can do tremendous damage to your home. Homeowners will most often note seeing the carpenter ants within their home, but sometimes they go undetected.
  • Any noted activity is reason for concern.
  • These destructive social insects seek out moisture spots within the frame work of your home. These areas may be obvious (leaky windows, leaky roof areas, etc.), or they could be less obvious (roof valleys, underneath decks, behind siding, etc.).
  • A carpenter ant colony can have many different satellite colonies that are spread out in a given area. The main nest can number in the thousands, whereas a satellite colony can be made up of as few as 50 ants. Each ant has a normal life span of five to eight years!
  • Terminix inspections are free of charge. We send out a seasoned professional to inspect your home and assess your specific situation. You will receive an honest and professional written proposal to solve your problem, should a carpenter ant problem exist.
  • Our trained and certified service professional that services your territory will be assigned to your home. This technician will be your permanent service professional. This allows the technician to build a history of your home, so that we can properly treat your immediate problem and help your home remain pest free for years to come.

Carpenter Ant Tips from the Pros:

  • Store firewood away from your house
  • Remove dead wood or wood scraps from around the foundation.
  • Trim dead limbs from trees and remove stumps to eliminate potential nesting sites.
  • Seal all leaks in plumbing or from the roof.
  • Check crawl spaces for excess moisture.
  • Make sure that water from rain gutters is directed away from your house so it doesn't accumulate close to the foundation.

How to tell a winged carpenter ant from a winged termite: