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Byron Center Pest Control

Bugs like living in Byron Center, MI for the same reason people do: temperate summers and easy access to water. Terminix of West Michigan has been keeping homes in the Great Lakes State free from pests that love our climate such as bed bugs, mosquitoes and spiders for six decades.

Bed Bug Control

Bedbug 2 556Bed bugs are resilient creatures that need to be dealt with as early as possible. Telltale signs of a bed bug infestation are itchy bumps on your skin from their biting and small blood smears on your sheets from bugs that unintentionally get crushed.

The reddish brown insects are just barely visible at 6 mm in length and, as their name implies, they congregate around beds and other comfortable furniture designed for relaxing. Terminix uses a nontoxic treatment called RapidFreeze to instantly kill bedbugs without damaging your health or your furniture.

Mosquito Control

Mosquito bites are known for leaving annoying, itchy bumps, but in some cases they can cause serious illnesses. Mosquitoes are carriers of parasites like the West Nile virus and heart worms, which can infect humans and domestic animals such as dogs.

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, which is why they tend to thrive in areas near lakes or creeks; however, a bucket full of rainwater sitting in your front yard provides just as good of a nesting ground. Mature mosquitoes prefer warm, humid and dark habitats, which is why weather can heavily impact mosquito populations.

Everyone can identify the sight and sound of a mosquito, but there are actually 60 species of the winged insects in Michigan alone. Fortunately, Terminix has the tools to eradicate all 60 of them.

Spider Control

spider 7When insects invade a home, the arachnids that eat them are never far behind. Spiders make their way inside through the same avenues as other bugs enter: through cracks in a home's exterior or by accidentally traveling on a person's clothing. Seeing webs sprout up around your home is an obvious sign that you have spiders living with you, but they can occupy spaces that you don't normally check on a regular basis like storage cabinets, plumbing fixtures, crawl spaces and even air vents.

Spiders usually do not attack unless provoked, yet they may see your accidentally stepping through their web as a threat. Most spider bites are harmless and similar to mosquito bites, but a few spider species like tarantulas or black widows carry venom that can cause severe reactions such as muscle spasms, blurred vision and skin lesions.

If you suspect that uninvited guests have invaded your space, help keep Byron Center a nicer place for humans and a less pleasant place for bugs by calling Terminix of West Michigan for a free quote on our pest control services.