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Box Elder Bug Control

box elderThe Michigan State University Extension Office reports that box elder bugs are especially plentiful this year. This means that hundreds of homes and business owners are being plagued by these black and orange creatures, as they often take up shelter inside the cracks and crevices in order to stay warm and dry. Once they have taken up residence, they may later emerge inside, where they will fly from room to room as they seek out other harborage spots.

Peak Season in the Grand Rapids Area

Box elder bugs are more prevalent in the fall here in Michigan, as they normally remain outdoors during the summer months. Terminix of West Michigan has a number of control measures that are effective at reducing the number of box elder bugs in and around your home or business. These measures need to be applied in a specific manner in order to be effective, which is why a licensed exterminator should be contacted to control box elder bugs. If the problem is not addressed in the fall, homeowners who are experiencing a box elder bug problem can expect to see them sporadically in the winter and very early spring, as they harbor in the wall voids and will be attracted to the interior heat of the home.

How we provide control when a homeowner is plagued with box elders

Homeowners who are infested with box elder bugs can obtain relief by contacting us. Your service professional will explain that these insects are normally attracted to the radiant heat that a building emits. Normally, the activity is the highest on the West and Southern exposures, as this area receives the most sun during the fall. Our application process addresses the entire home or building, with an emphasis on the areas that will be the most conducive to box elder activity. Once an application is performed, it is important to seal any cracks along the outside of a home to prevent these bugs from gaining entry. Our technicians are trained to not only address the problem with an application designed to control box elder bugs, but they will also take the time to explain how a home or business owner can take steps to limit the amount of entry points that these insects use to gain entry inside.