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Why Stink Bugs Invade Your Home in Winter

Every winter like clockwork, West Michigan seems to host a stink bug invasion. It’s annoying enough when you start seeing the little bugs everywhere. But when they start moving in on your home and vehicles, it gets a little more personal. Why are stink bugs so obsessed with your home come wintertime, anyway?

Seeking Sanctuary

Stink bugs are not native to North America. They actually come from Asia, which is a much warmer and milder climate. When the temperature drops, stink bugs aren’t able to handle the cold. So they seek out a nice warm sanctuary where they can bed down until the weather changes again.

During this time, stink bugs go through a period called diapause. It’s basically an insect version of hibernation. They don’t eat or breed, and generally remain inactive. Sometimes if the weather takes a turn toward the warmer side, they may fly around a bit. As soon as it cools down again, though, they’ll go back to a resting state.

Telling Their Friends

So what is it about your home in particular that seems to draw stink bugs in? It could be ease of access or they may just really like the climate inside. Whatever the reason one may come in, it isn’t shy about sharing it’s great location find with others.

Once a stink bug finds a winter home, it begins to emit a pheromone to let all its buddies know it has found prime real estate. Others are attracted to this pheromone and they start arriving. As they do, they want to spread the news, too. Before you know it, what started as a random bug here and there has turned into a full-scale invasion.

Laying Low

The good news is that stink bugs are not harmful nor destructive. They are not physically capable of biting and do not seem to carry disease with them. They really do just want somewhere to lay low while they wait out the winter. Even so, they are a nuisance and you shouldn’t have to share your home with them.

If you have noticed an influx in stink bugs this winter, contact Terminix West Michigan today. Do not swat or step on these pests in an attempt to get rid of them. Crushing them releases the terrible odor from which they get their name. We can help you reclaim your home without offending your nose.

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