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Why Bed Bugs Are So Hard to Get Rid Of

We’ve all heard horror stories about the dreaded bed bug, and for good reason, too. Nobody wants to share their sleeping quarters with insects that will make them itch and scratch for days. Although we hope it will never happen, sometimes homeowners suffer from bedbug infestations. Here’s why bedbugs are so tough to get out of your life and some tips on how to deal with them.

Why Do They Stick Around?

Bedbugs are annoying for two specific reasons: they spread quickly and don’t need to eat often to survive. Just one bedbug can easily lead to over a thousand. The name is misleading; 

bedbugs love to make their homes in almost any small space, not just in your bed. You may find these insects in your wallpaper, in the carpet, behind electrical switches, and even in your wood and paper items.

The trickiest part is that every single bug needs to leave your space to fix the problem, and with so many places for them to hide, knowing when you’ve gotten them all can be a real issue. As mentioned before, bedbugs can survive for an incredibly long time without feeding. Adults can live up to a year, and the nymph stage that hatches from their eggs can still live for months with no food source.

How Do I Get Them Out?

To make these creatures leave, you must clean and treat every surface where they can hide. All of your fabric products, including sheets, linens, towels, and other such items need to be washed and bleached if they are able to handle such cleaners. 

A professional can use carbon dioxide to freeze out the bugs at every stage of development, regardless of where they are living in and around your home. As a preventative measure, consider buying a mattress cover that is bedbug-proof. Although the name doesn’t cover all the places these bugs can hide, it remains accurate, since bed bugs do love to hide you in your bed.

Seek Professional Help

If you are struggling with a bedbug infestation or simply want to make sure this never happens to you, get the professionals involved. Our team is experienced in creating treatment plans customized to your home to ensure that the pests plaguing your life will leave and stay gone. Contact Terminix of West Michigan today for a free quote and more assistance.

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