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Why Are There So Many Ants in My Home?

When ants come into your home, it probably gets you wondering, “Why do they want to come in here?” There are many reasons why ants invade our living spaces, but many of these reasons come back to their basic needs for survival. We at Terminix West Michigan have some insight into their behavior. Here are a few reasons why ants will infest your home. 

Ants Are Attracted to Food and Debris

One of the two primary reasons why ants invade our houses is because they are on the search for food. Ants have such impressive senses that even the tiniest crumb left on your floor or counter can attract hundreds or thousands of ants. 

Because of that, the place in your house that is most prone to an ant infestation is your kitchen. Ants can find the smallest crumbs and food debris left on your counter, floor or sink. Before you know it, some small crumbs can create a major ant problem. Make sure you wipe down your floors and counters thoroughly after cooking and eating to help you keep ants out of your kitchen. 

Ants Get Into Your Trash

Ants are going to look for food anywhere they can find it. That means your trash cans are alluring to ants, as well. Even if you have a lid on your trash, ants are small enough that they can fit through the tiniest cracks and openings in your lid. Ants will often make their way into your trash overnight, when there’s less commotion in your house. 

Keeping ants out of your house can be as easy as emptying your trash cans at the end of the day, or throughout the day as you need to. 

Ants Are Looking for Water and Moisture

The other resource that ants are looking for when they come into your home is water. The smallest water spill on your countertop or floor can bring dozens of ants to your kitchen, bathroom or any area of your house that has running water. 

Make sure that you clean up water spills immediately. Ants are also drawn to sugar, so take special care to clean up sugary drinks like sodas and juices as soon as possible. 

Ants Don’t Need a Big Entrance

Ants can enter our home through the tiniest splits, cracks and openings. They can make it through: 

  • Small gaps in your walls. 
  • Cracks in your flooring. 
  • Gaps in your foundation. 
  • Openings in your attic or crawl space. 

Call a Professional

It only takes one small opening to lead to a full-blown ant problem. If you have an ant problem or believe that you are prone to an ant infestation, contact the pest control experts at Terminix West Michigan today.

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