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When are Mosquitoes Most Active?

Do you enjoy spending time outside? If you’ve probably experienced itchy and painful mosquito bites, these bites also carry the risk of disease transmission, like yellow fever or West Nile virus, which can be life-threatening. To avoid mosquito bites, you need to know when mosquitoes are most active.

Time of Day

There are almost 200 species of mosquitoes, with each having different activity levels. The two main species come out during the evening when temperatures start to cool down.

Mosquitoes bite the least in the middle of the day due to the sun and heat. The high temperatures can cause them to become dehydrated and die. To prevent this, mosquitoes seek shelter in dark, damp areas until dusk, their favorite time of day. Not all mosquitoes feed as soon as they come out; you’ll typically find them seeking food throughout the night


You might think summer is the most prominent time for mosquitoes to breed. Mosquitoes hatch and leave hibernation when temperatures reach 50 degrees Fahrenheit. States in the south such as Texas and Florida report mosquito sightings as early as February, while northern states like Ohio and Illinois report mosquitoes as late as June.


Even though mosquitoes pop up anywhere, they prefer to live and breed in specific areas. Areas with stagnant water like bogs or swamps offer the moisture and humidity that make perfect breeding grounds.

Mosquitoes also prefer to live in wooded or shaded areas to avoid the sun and heat. It is important to clear any stagnant water in your backyard to remove the conditions that encourage mosquito breeding.

How do They Track Us?

Whether it is mosquito season or not, there always seems to be that one mosquito that finds you. Mosquitoes have a variety of tools to track down food sources. Mosquitoes seek the carbon dioxide emitted from humans or other animals. They also have receptors and vision to sense body temperature, perspiration, and odor.

Mosquitoes do not have to ruin your time outside. Wear bug repellant or mosquito repellant, light candles, or plant Citronella to avoid mosquito bites. For more information or to receive a quote on pest control services, contact our team at Terminix of West Michigan today.

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