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What Attracts Roaches?

RoachRoaches are persistent pests and are difficult to manage after they get into a home or place of business. Getting rid of them is much harder than preventing them from gaining access, so learning to keep roaches at bay is a smart move in the right direction. You need to learn about the foods and conditions that attract the pests so that you can form a plan to keep yourself and your property safe. Although this process will take a little effort, the results will give you peace of mind, allowing you to put your cockroach fears to rest.


When it comes to deciding what to eat, roaches are not picky creatures. They will eat meats, vegetables and almost anything else they can find in or around your property. Having a lot of food in your trash can is not a good idea if you don't want roaches to invade when you least expect it.

Use high-quality trash bags and take out the trash often when your goal is to minimize your odds of experiencing a roach problem. Roaches will also enjoy unsealed food in your kitchen cabinets if you don't stop them from finding it. If you want to get the most from your effort, place food from open containers into zip-lock bags, and the roaches won't have any hope of locating it.


In addition to food sources, roaches also seek moist areas so that they can have plenty of water to drink. Your basement and under your sinks are some of the most common areas that have enough moisture to attract these pests into your home. When you spot areas with a lot of moisture and want to address the issue, look for and fix leaky pipes.

Other Items

The reason people have a hard time getting rid of roaches is that they are resourceful and determined pests. If they don't have access to a good meal, they will start eating other things from their environment. Hungry roaches can consume paper, leather, toothpaste, cardboard and more when they are desperate. Remove clutter from your home and keep everything organized to discourage roaches from welcoming themselves onto your property. Getting it done will take energy and dedication, but preventing a roach infestation is worth the effort in the long run.

Terminix West Michigan

Even though you can do several things when your mission is to keep roaches away, you won't always be successful. Roaches can still get into your home or office at the worst time, and they will often catch you off guard. If you are facing a roach problem and need help quickly, contact Terminix West Michigan to get the job done quick. You can give us a call when you are ready to start, and we are excited to work with you.

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