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Understanding Ant Swarms: Prevention and Behavior Patterns

Terminix West Michigan provides pest control services to customers in the areas around Western Michigan. This area of the country experiences pleasant temperatures during the spring and summer months. Although this makes it a great place to live and work, certain types of pests are also attracted to these conditions as well.

Ant Behavior

There are over 100 different types of ants in this area, and correctly identifying them is an essential part of a complete pest-control protocol. Some of these ants will engage in the behavior called swarming, and this makes them even harder to control. Swarming means that the colony will suddenly emerge as a single entity. They will coordinate their movements, and this may include entering the home after a scout has located a source of food.

Ants, Swarming and Non-Swarming

Carpenter ants are capable of damaging the structure of your building. They are swarming ants, and they build large colonies that scout for stable sources of water. In addition to the main swarm, they often set up smaller satellite colonies. They tend to appear in the bathroom or basement areas where water pipes are located. Keeping pipes from leaking is an essential preventative measure to keep carpenter ants out of your home or office. These ants tend to swarm because they are extremely social and organized. They use the materials found in homes to build nests, and this is how they can cause damage to areas that are already weakened by moisture.

There are also many different types of small ants in this area, and some of them do not swarm. These ants are not considered dangerous to the property, but they can contaminate any sources of food that are left exposed. Animals might eat them, and they can attract the attention of spiders that use them as a source of food. These ant colonies are small enough to be considered non-swarming, and they are seen only as a minor nuisance. However, they can be difficult to control without professional assistance.

Prevention at Home

Ants may set up a nest right in your backyard without leaving many signs. The best way to prevent them from infesting your home is to keep all food containers tightly sealed. Prevent the water pipes from leaking whenever possible. Ants are attracted to the cool shade during the summer, so keep the window panes tightly sealed.

Ant Prevention by Terminix

Our service professionals use the most modern methods of pest control to keep ants away from your property. This may include trapping, baiting and fumigating. Understanding this behavior is a critical part of ant control. We identify the type of ant quickly and accurately. If it is a swarming ant, we can use appropriate techniques that will be effective at eliminating them from your home or commercial property. The best way to repel these pests is to use a treatment program crafted by a professional exterminator from Terminix, West Michigan.

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