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These Are a Few of Ants’ Favorite Things

Standing Water

Standing water, in general, can attract all kinds of unwanted creatures. Ants most certainly are one of them. Standing water stemming from leaking drains or faucets can foster a perfect nesting and living ground for ants. Look for any potential leaks in your bathroom or kitchen. Sinks, bathtubs, drain pipes or even your toilet can be attractive to a colony of ants who are looking to set up camp. If you have standing water, dry it, and then scrub the surface with disinfectant and keep the area clear of water.

Another way water can attract ants to your home is if rainwater is not directed away from your house. An accumulation of water close to your foundation can also be attractive to ants who can easily burrow underground and nest their colony underneath your home and therefore have better access to the inside of your house.

Food Scraps

If you keep a messy kitchen or eating space, this may be another attractive offer for ants to move in. Crumbs, spills and messes can signal to ants that there is food nearby. Sugar and oil or grease, in particular, can be a strong ant magnet. Keep your sugar, and other sugary substances such as honey, stored in airtight containers in a cool and hard to reach place such as a pantry.

After preparing or cooking food, be sure to wipe down and dry all surfaces that the food came in contact with. Also, take your trash out of your living space on a frequent basis. The odor of rotting food can attract a hungry colony of ants. Any decomposing food can be a target, so also keep your refrigerator stocked with food that is fresh and consumable and throw out anything that is well beyond its expiration date.


During cold or wet seasons, ants will seek shelter in drier and warmer spaces. Your home radiates heat, so that heat source will be a signal to ants who are looking to move. To ensure that ants don’t find their way in your home, seal all windows and doors. Ants can find their way in through cracks and crevices that may seem like a secondary issue. Having a strong sealant and re-caulking cracks in walls can protect your home from any unwanted guests.

If you suspect an ant infestation, contact Terminix of West Michigan to learn more about your situation. From there, a professional can assess your living space and construct a course of action.

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