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The Pantry - A Pest-Free Place

Did you know that at any given point in time, your kitchen contains billions and billions of microbes and bacteria? What’s more, in addition to microbes and bacteria everyday household pests love to find comfort not just inside your home, but inside your pantry.


Let’s be honest, no one likes to open their pantry up, only to discover there is a second family that has moved in and created their own pest colony within your stored food. To avoid this, let’s discuss some of the top ways to keep your pantry a pest-free place.


DIY Prevention Tips


Just like every person is different, every pantry is equally different. Depending on the size, stock, and materials kept inside your pantry, your prevention tips may vary. But, there are a few key ingredients that can be used as a rule of thumb to maintaining a pest-free pantry.


  1. Use proper storage containers with airtight lids.
  2. Shop smart and look for any signs of contamination before leaving the store.
  3. Check dates to ensure food that has expired is properly disposed of.
  4. Add bay leaves to containers with rice, flour, and other grains as the smell deters pests.
  5. Keep your kitchen clean at all times.


Although these may seem pretty straight forward, it’s always good to revisit this checklist at least once a month, to ensure you’re developing and sticking with a routine that works for you and your family's schedule.


Use Professionals When Needed


There are times when you’ve done your due diligence to prevent pantry pests from taking over, and that is okay when it happens. Your best defense against pantry pests is to leave it to the professionals if you have any doubt in your mind or concern for your safety and health. The professionals at Terminix Western Michigan have over 60 years of experience. Their professionally trained and friendly team are always ready to lend a helping hand and provide free estimates to make sure your concerns are met without breaking your budget or bank.


Be Consistent


You’ve heard it before, and you will likely continue to hear it, but consistency is key in everything you do. It is important to take the time and be as proactive as you can with treating bugs or pests, both indoor and outdoor. Keeping areas clean and food items appropriately stored will minimize access for pests. Last but not least, make sure to do a deep clean and review your checklist at least once a month, as this will also help identify any red flags or issues sooner vs. later which will save you a lot of time, headache, and money in the long run.

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