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The Benefits of Seeking Professional Help with Tick Control

As summer approaches, many people long to get outside to work in the yard or enjoy time with friends and family. Yet, these months bring the threat of some infamous hitchhikers: ticks. The thought of finding a tick attached to you, your pet or loved one is sickening. You want to find the best way to reduce the threat of encountering ticks.

The danger of ticks is not to be underestimated. Ticks carry serious diseases, such as Lyme Disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. The ill-effects can be debilitating and last for years.

Consider the many benefits of seeking professional help when guarding yourself against ticks.

Knowledge of the Species

Professional exterminators understand ticks. They know the most common ticks in your area and have studied their habits. Exterminators know how they enter and where they hide. Trained professionals will quickly draw up a plan of action.

Understanding of Effective Pesticides

Not all pesticides are alike. There is a wide range of products, ranging from ineffective to too potent. A common mistake by homeowners tackling the problem themselves is overkill. They will either use poisons that are too strong or cover areas that should not be introduced to pesticides. Whatever kills ticks can also sicken or kill other creatures, including honeybees, ladybugs, and even pets or people.

Professional Equipment Designed for the Job

Everyone has experienced the frustration of trying to tackle a task with the wrong tools. Exterminators have just the right equipment to reach and penetrate plants and foliage where ticks may reside. Professional-grade tools are often expensive, hard to obtain and only take up space after use.

Efficient Use of Time

Because of a professional’s knowledge, understanding and preparation, he or she will be able to tackle the problem efficiently. There will be no wasted time watching endless YouTube videos or exasperating rounds of trial-and-error. You will soon be free to enjoy your property without worry.

Education for Peace of Mind

Seasoned professionals will not only eliminate your problem but will guide in avoiding threats in the future. They will be able to show you areas to fortify with materials such as gravel or wood chips so that ticks are not as likely to enter your yard. They will also show you hotspots to clear or thin out. You will learn where to place playground equipment and lawn furniture for the greatest protection.

Take back your yard and turn your attention to fun. Call on the professionals of Terminix. We have been providing western Michigan with outstanding service for over sixty years. We know our region and understand how to keep you safe. Call for an appointment today.

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