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Spiders in Michigan: What Spiders Live Near You?

There’s been more buzz online and in print media about a rise in spider bites and large spider colony discoveries in Michigan. While most spiders in Michigan are harmless to humans, there are a few that present a danger to the average person in general and the elderly and children in particular. Here’s a quick overview guide to spiders that live in Michigan, as well as advice about what to do should you encounter these species.

Brown Recluse

A non-native species, brown recluse spiders can be found throughout Michigan. These little arachnids are venomous, but they are also among the least aggressive and shy species on the planet. The bad news is they like to live in isolated dark places like corners of a garage, trash cans and interior attics. In other words, you may discover one by accident while cleaning or moving. They prefer to flee and rarely bite, but their bites can be a significant threat to life and limb if left untreated.

Northern Black Widow

The only other venomous spiders found in the state, these black and red arachnids can deliver a dangerous bit. Black widow venom tests as 15 times more deadly than rattlesnake venom, but fortunately for most victims, they only inject a tiny amount of venom into their prey. Northern black widows are most common in Michigan’s eastern Lower Peninsula, and they like to set up house in brush piles, undisturbed corners of sheds and garages, or inside hollow logs.

Wolf Spider

Despite their fearsome moniker, wolf spiders are not a threat to humans. They are known to bite in self-defense, but their venom is generally harmless. Wolf spiders take their name from their unusual hunting habits: rather than spinning webs, they hunt on the move like their namesake. Finding wolf spiders in your home is generally not cause for alarm, though if you have large numbers of them around, their bite can cause pain, not unlike a bee sting.

Fishing Spiders

These hairy arachnids are often mistaken for wolf spiders and the brown recluse. The good news is they are harmless. Their bite is not significantly painful, and they tend to keep away from people. A fishing spider’s habitat is generally found near water where they hunt for aquatic insects and even tiny fish. They do look imposing, but they are not especially hazardous to humans.

Are you seeing too many spiders in and around your Michigan home? Want to make sure they are harmless or get the colony removed? Contact Terminix West Michigan today, and set up an appointment to have a professional check on your spider problem. It may be nothing, but due to the danger some species pose to Michigan residents, it is better to err on the side of caution.

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