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Problems Rodents Can Cause Inside Your Home

rodent cardDespite their small size, rodents can be a source of major headaches for homeowners in Michigan. These persistent pests can cause a variety of problems if they manage to get inside your home.

Damaging Property

Long, sharp teeth that are constantly growing are one of a rodent's defining characteristics. To maintain its teeth, a rodent has to continually gnaw, and the woodwork and building materials in your home are ideal for its teething needs. Once inside your home, rodents will chew on the wood that forms and decorates your home. They will also cut their teeth on fabrics and furnishings and nibble on storage containers, especially if desirable items like food or bedding materials are tucked inside. This behavior can cause both cosmetic and structural damage to your home and the property inside it.

How much damage can a little mouse do? Consider this: rodents have been known to chew through electrical wiring. A fire that starts because of a damaged electrical system could quickly sweep through the home and put not only your property but also the lives of your family at risk.

Creating Health Hazards

When rodents move in, your property is not the only thing in danger. The health of your family is also at risk. Rodents can carry a wide range of diseases, including rabies, the plague, and hantaviruses. They can also transport fleas and ticks into the home, which can present additional health threats.

While a rodent bite can certainly spread disease, you do not have to encounter a mouse, rat or shrew directly to become ill as a result of a rodent infestation in your home. Their attempts to steal resources can contaminate your food and water with illness-causing germs and bacteria, and the urine and droppings that they leave behind can expose you to numerous health threats. Simply disturbing a nesting area can send particles into the air that can make anyone who inhales them sick.

Diminishing Your Quality of Life

Clearly, rodents do not make good roommates, so it is no surprise that discovering that these pests have invaded your home can have a detrimental effect on your quality of life. Worrying about the prospect of physical damage to your property or the health risks that these tiny terrors can create for your family can generate a great deal of stress and make it nearly impossible for you to relax and enjoy the comforts of your own home.

Have rodents or other pests moved into your residential property? Terminix West Michigan can help you show them the door and reclaim your home. Our professional team has the knowledge, resources and equipment to tackle any pest issue effectively. Contact Terminix West Michigan today to request a free inspection.

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