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Preventing Pests From Becoming Roommates

When pests are in your home, they can wreak havoc. They can destroy your property and cause health problems. To prevent pests from becoming roommates, you can take some simple precautions that can help aid in deterring the pests from moving in. These precautions include cleaning, keeping areas dry, and sealing cracks or openings. Keep reading for more information.

Preventing Access to Your Home

First, you need to remove the place where the pests want to live. A pest enters your home through small openings and cracks. Perform regular home inspections to look for the openings and any signs of pests. The openings can come from cracks in the walls or foundation, improperly closed windows or doors, or even pipes. Make sure you seal up any cracks or other openings to reduce the chance of the pests becoming your new roommates.

Removing the Food Supply

Pests that invade your home need food to survive. So, removing their food supply will require them to find a new place to live. Follow these guidelines to remove a pest’s potential food supply:

  • Clean all the dishes in the sink.
  • Do not leave any dirty dishes lying around because the crumbs provide food for the pests.
  • Wipe down the counters, stove and sink.
  • Vacuum or wipe the floors to pick up any crumbs.
  • Do not leave any pet food out.
  • Place any food or leftovers in appropriate containers and put them away in a timely manner.
  • Make sure the trash can area is clean.
  • Empty the trash often.

Drying Up the Water Supply

Another basic necessity for a pest’s survival is water. Taking away the pests’ water supply can help reduce the likelihood for the pests to set up residency in your home. Follow these guidelines to remove a pest’s water supply from your home:

  • Keep the sinks and tub dry.
  • Do not leave dishes in a sink that is filled with water.
  • Do not leave your pet’s water dishes out.
  • Make sure there is no standing water around your house.

The Resident Pest

If you already notice signs of pests in your home, do not hesitate to call an exterminator. The earlier you start the treatment, the less likely there will be damage to your property.

For more information on pest prevention, control or to schedule an estimate, contact us. After your home inspection, we can discuss the treatment and maintenance plans that are right for you.

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