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Pests That Can Destroy Your Home

We all hate when pests take up residence in our houses. It feels like a creepy-crawly violation! Beyond simply being gross, some of these pests can pose structural or financial risk to your house. Here are a few common household pests that can damage your home.


When looking a squirrel in the eyes it can be hard to decide if it wants to cuddle with you or if it is coldly plotting your demise. Squirrels are known to chew holes in siding and build nests in vents and attics. Squirrels are included in the group of rodents that are believed to cause approximately 25 percentof all fires with unknown origins.


Mice will gnaw on almost every part of your house. They chew on wires, framing, insulation, and will even gnaw on your piping. Mice can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage to your house. On top of the financial impact, they are disease-ridden vermin. Mice spread diseases and bacteria all throughout your house. Did you know they leave thousands of urine droplets behind per day? Many people try to rid themselves of mice on their own with rodenticides. This method can be effective but causes mice to die and rot in your walls and hidden areas of your house. Make sure you contact Terminix of West Michigan to do this job right!


The ferocious eater of wood is a mighty foe to human homeowners. Termites cause billions of dollars in damage to houses every year. Entire colonies set up shop and feast on your house. Termite infestations can spread quickly as some termites will split off from the primary colony and create additional colonies. Termites can cause enough damage to threaten the structural integrity of a house. Termite removal is a very serious and urgent matter. If you see any sign of termite damage, do not attempt to solve this problem on your own.

Fire Ants

Not only are fire ants irritating, but they can also cause a level of financial loss to your home. While constructing colonies, fire ants will destroy most electrical systems that stand in their way. It’s important to get professional help when dealing with fire ants. Fire ants bring the heat, whether it is with their stinging bites or by destroying your air conditioning unit. Don’t overlook the threat posed by fire ants.

If you see signs of infestation from any of these pests, then it is imperative that you act immediately. On top of the various bacteria and disease they carry into your domicile, most home insurance policies do not cover damage from vermin. If you let the problem go, you are considered negligent in the upkeep of your home. Your best bet is to contact Terminix West Michigan today!

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