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Pests Around the Home - Common Bugs in the Attic

When people think of protecting their home from bugs, they often think about the exteriors of the house: the doorways, seams and other spots like that. However, they often forget about one of the biggest rooms in the entire home -- the attic. For many, this large space is “out of sight, out of mind” and rarely gets thought about at all, unless they are getting their seasonal decorations in or out of storage.

Because it is such a neglected area of the house, it is often a perfect breeding ground for pests. Left relatively unchecked, and with access to virtually the entire house, bugs in the attic can become a real problem. And the worst part? The homeowners don’t even know those bugs are there until they have a real problem!

Common Attic Bugs

While it’s impossible to compile a list of all the bugs you might find in an attic, here are some of the most common:


There may be no bug more feared by the homeowner than the termite. And for good reason: a termite infestation can lead to thousands of dollars in damages and months of disruption and hassle. When it comes to termites, attics are a particularly inviting place to visit. This is due to the simple fact that attics are typically full of a termite’s favorite meal: wood.


Another feared and hated attic bug is the cockroach. While a roach infestation might not bring the same destruction as termites, they can be a health hazard and turn your house into a disgusting mess. Roaches go out of their way to avoid contact with people, so attics are naturally enticing to roaches due to the fact that they are usually empty.

Bees and Wasps

Bees and their more frightening cousins, wasps, can also be found in attics due to their vacated status. In this case, a lot depends on whether the attic has openings -- even very tiny ones -- to the outside world. If so, and the bees are able to come and go as they please, then the inside of an attic is a very tempting place to start a new hive.


The final bug on this list is the humble ant. Small in size, these bugs know how to work -- and they will take any route they can find to get to your food. This route will often take them through strange places such as your attic or crawl spaces.

Contact the Professionals

For all of these bugs, and more, it takes perseverance, knowledge and the right equipment to prevent these invaders from entering your home. If you would like to speak to someone about how to keep your home and attic bug-free, please contact us at Terminix today.

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