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Most Active Winter Pests in Michigan

Those who live in Michigan know how cold it gets during the winter. Despite the freezing temperatures and the heavy snows, some pests remain active all season long. During the fall, they come inside and stay through the winter in a warm home. These overwintering pests can cause quite an infestation by early spring if they're not controlled in time.

3 Common Winter Pests in Michigan


Rodents look for entryways around your home throughout the year, not just in the winter. They find refuge behind the walls, down in the basement and up in the attic where they can stay hidden from people. These pests emerge during the night to forage for food and will take it back to their hiding spots. If they're breeding, you're in for a surprising infestation by springtime.


Earwigs are normally seen during the summer in Michigan, but these pests will remain active in your home during the winter. When they're outdoors, they eat dead plants and plant-damaging pests. When they come indoors, they eat wet paper, drywall and other organic material. They may also feed on vegetables and ornamental plants, which could spell trouble for the flowers in your home.


Millipedes come indoors during the winter and find food sources everywhere. They can live off fruit and vegetables, canned dog food and wet paper. These pests prefer to stay out of sight, taking refuge in moist areas like the bathroom or in hidden spots like the kitchen cabinets. Though millipedes aren't poisonous, some species have glands that are filled with fluids that could irritate and discolor your skin.

Prevent an Overwintering Pest Infestation

Once the winter drives pests inside, it takes a lot of effort to kick them out. If they feel protected and have a food source, they'll breed and populate your living space. Before spring arrives, the pests will grow to infestation levels and cause more problems as the temperatures climb. Terminix of West Michigan will thoroughly inspect your home and find overwintering pests. We'll eliminate them on the spot and prevent an unwelcome infestation as the winter ends.

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