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Keeping Your Garbage Secure From Pests This Fall

With the coming of winter, many animals are ramping up their efforts to save up fat for hibernation. Unfortunately, Fall also coincides with shortening food supplies in the wild and an increased turn to human sources of food. While we all like a healthy ecosystem and want to see our furry friends flourish, this often doesn’t extend to picking up smelly, wet, dirty trash strewn across the driveway. If like many Western Michiganders you have trouble keeping critters out of your trash, try some of these tips to keep your trash contained and our animals healthy.

Keep Your Garbage Can Clean

You’ve probably noticed that your trash can smells like, well, trash. While unappealing to humans, animals see (or, smell) trash as a tasty opportunity. To remove the scent from your trash can, try cleaning it with soap and water or a stronger solution. For best results, experiment with both acidic chemicals, like lemon juice or vinegar, and basic ones like ammonia or lye, to break down the whole spectrum of foodborne scents. Even the strongest trash bags will secrete scent, and the buildup over many years will accumulate and give you a stinky container.

Make Sure Your Trash Bags are Secure

Another simple trick to keeping animals away is to make sure your trash bags are up to snuff. Tie them securely to minimize scents and invest in thicker bags. If animals have trouble getting in, they’re more likely to pass you up for the easier meal down the road. You can also consider scented bags to cover up the smell and fool critters into thinking your garbage isn’t as appetizing as they think.

Secure Your Garbage Lid

If tantalizing aromas and sturdy bags still don’t solve your problem, securing the lid. You can place a heavy stone on top or tie a bungee across so that even if the can is tipped over its contents won’t spill. Depending on your garbage disposal company, you can even buy trash cans which have locking handles.

If all else fails, it’s time to call in the professionals. Terminix of West Michigan has been helping homeowners and businesses with their pest problems for over 60 years. With a 4.6/5 star-rating, we’re the proven experts at keeping your household or business critter-free. If you’re in western Michigan, give us a call today for a free consultation and quote today.

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