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Keeping Pests Out of Your Memorial Day BBQ

If you plan to enjoy Memorial Day with your friends and family by hosting a barbecue, it's vital you take steps to give yourself and your guests a positive, enjoyable experience so that you can get them to come back next year.

In their quest to have an unbeatable cookout, many people put a lot of thought into the process, planning meals, drinks, games and more. They often forget to prepare for pests that can invade their barbecue and ruin the fun, and you don't want to find yourself in that situation. With a proven plan near the top of your mind, you can keep pests away from your yard.

Discourage Stinging Insects

Crafting a strategy to keep bees and wasps at bay so that they won't cause trouble is a good step in the right direction. Understanding the things that attract these stinging insects to your yard will help, giving you a clear picture of what steps to take.

Bees and wasps might have many differences of which you should be aware, but they also have a few traits in common; they both like sugary foods. After you cut the top off a 2-liter bottle, fill the bottle with sugar water and put the top back on upside down. This will attract the bees and wasps into the bottle and prevent them from getting out. You can repeat the process a few more times to create a barrier around your barbecue.

Stop Ants

As social insects, ants, including carpenter ants, send scouts into nearby areas to locate sources of food and water, and it won't take them long to discover your barbecue. A scout will create a scent trail leading back to the colony when it detects a viable meal, and many other ants will soon invade.

If you would like to stop ants from crashing your event and annoying your guests, spray lemon juice near your seating area. The lemon juice will mask any scent trail the ants try to create, making it much harder for the rest of the colony to find you. Also, you can mix water with vinegar and place it in a spray bottle so that you can spray it near your cookout. The smell will work wonders for keeping ants and other insects away from your event.

Terminix West Michigan

You can take different steps and use several at-home solutions to protect your barbecue from unwelcome invaders, but you won't always keep them away. Getting the best possible results requires you to reach out to a pest control expert, and Terminix West Michigan is here to help. If you have questions and would like to get started, contact Terminix West Michigan today and let our pest experts help!

We serve a number of locations including Holland, MI, so please check out our service area to see if we can make it out!

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