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How to Handle A Strawberry Root Weevil Infestation

The strawberry root weevil is a common insect in the northern part of the United States. Named for its preference for eating strawberry plants, weevils are dark brown or black with six legs and about the size of a tick. In fact, they are often confused with ticks.

Having a strawberry root weevil infestation in your home can be upsetting. It’s important to properly identify the insects, and take steps for handling the problem.

Strawberry Root Weevils in the Home

Typically, strawberry root weevils wander into homes in the middle of summer. You may begin to notice them crawling on your floors or walls. They are particularly attracted to areas in the home where there is water or high moisture levels, such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms.

During the summer and early fall, strawberry root weevils can become an indoor nuisance as greater numbers invade your home and the infestation grows. They are not harmful to you or your pets, but their presence can become annoying. As pests go, weevils are less destructive than other insects. They will not damage your home or foundation or seek out food in your kitchen.

Handling an Infestation

As a homeowner, there are several approaches that you can take to manage weevils. To prevent them from gaining access to your home, seal up cracks and crevices around windows, doors, siding and the foundation. Add weather stripping around doors and windows, if necessary, and make sure screens fit tightly. Since they are so small, this may not prevent all of the weevils from entering your home. But it will help keep weevils — and other insects – out of your residence.

Other eradication measures include vacuuming the insects and minimizing any indoor moisture or water. For example, keeping sinks dry, wiping down the shower and fixing any leaking pipes or plumbing fixtures.

Since strawberry root weevils migrate into your home from the outdoors, consider your landscaping. Weevils are prone to eating plants such as strawberries, rhododendrons, blackberry brambles and evergreen shrubs. If you notice that weevils are infesting certain plants in your yard, removing the host plants may help reduce their numbers before they enter your house.

If you are concerned about a strawberry root weevil infestation in your home, contact Terminix of West Michigan for a free inspection. We’re happy to meet with you and offer treatment solutions.

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