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Five Surprising Places You Can Encounter Bedbugs

Because getting rid of bedbugs is much harder than preventing them, learning where you are the most likely to encounter the pests can keep you out of harm’s way. Most people think of hotels when they picture the places at which they will spot bedbugs, but they can infest many other locations. If you don’t know that they are nearby, you will increase your odds of bringing bedbugs back home with you, and you must avoid that problem. 


Bedbug 555You might not suspect that bedbugs will be at the gym, but it’s a prime location for them to spread, catching you off guard. When people with bedbugs come to the gym to work out, bedbugs can get into their bags and follow them to the locker room, and lockers that are not sealed will let the bedbugs crawl around and access other people’s bags. 


Most people are stunned when they go to a restaurant and discover the red flags that indicate bedbug activity. One guest or employee with bedbugs is all that it would take to infest the building, and the bedbugs can then spread to the other customers. You might think that bedbugs will only target low-end restaurants, but even upscale establishments are at risk. 

Movie Theaters

When you consider the number of people who come and go from movie theatres each day, you won’t be surprised to learn that you can sometimes find bedbugs when you want to see the latest movies on the big screen. Providing a dark environment and plenty of new hosts, movie theatres are perfect for the insects. 


You probably feel safe when you visit your local library to study or borrow a copy of your favorite book. You can get bedbugs at the library if you are not careful, and locations that have furniture with soft cushions will create even more of a risk. 


Modern airports host countless travelers from all backgrounds and walks of life, but not everyone knows that airports are a great place to catch bedbugs. The insects can crawl off people and will wait in the carpet and on furniture for a new host to get within range. If you sit down in an airport that has bedbugs, the parasites can track your body heat and get into your suitcase without being detected. 

Terminix West Michigan

If bedbugs have followed you home from any of these locations and you need help right away, you can’t go wrong with Terminix West Michigan. Our team has plenty of experience dealing with bedbugs and will get your infestation under control before you know it. When you reach out to us for help and support, we will learn about your needs and choose an approach that makes sense for you.

We proudly serve a number of locations, including Kentwood, so be sure to take a look at our service area to see if we can help!

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