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Don't Let Pests Ruin Your Thanksgiving & Football Parties

As temperatures start to cool and the kids return to school, the excitement for football season and holiday gatherings like Thanksgiving increases. But your family and friends aren't the only ones hoping to feast on your wings and turkey. 

While summer might be the busiest season for pests outdoors in Michigan, autumn is when all those swarms search for shelter inside your home. To protect your football party or Thanksgiving dinner, hire pest control for an inspection. 

Common Pests That Can Tackle Your Thanksgiving Plans

At Terminix, we receive the most service calls during the fall for the following pests. 

Bed Bugs

Bedbug 5If your loved ones sleep over during Thanksgiving weekend, the last thing you want to expose them to is a mattress full of bed bugs. Unfortunately, these are one of the hardest pests to get rid of if you don't hire professional pest control. 

You find blood stains on your pillowcases and sheets.

  • You notice rusty spots of excrement on mattresses, bed clothes and walls.
  • You smell an offensive and musty odor that the bed bugs emit via their scent glands.


If there's one pest that loves Thanksgiving leftovers, it's a cockroach. Although this pest is a nuisance year-round, it seems like cockroaches love football season just as much as die-hard Wolverine or Spartans fans in Michigan. 

  • You see a single cockroach during the day, which is a sign of infestation since roaches are nocturnal pests.
  • You find oblong and brown roach egg casings around your home.
  • You smell a pungent and musty odor that gets worse with infestation.


Whether it's a mouse or a rat, there are plenty of rodents scurrying around the streets of Michigan during the fall looking for a place to call home for the winter. Unfortunately for you, your humble abode might quickly become theirs if you aren't careful. And considering the diseases they can spread by contaminating your food, it's especially important to prevent rodents from finding a way inside your home. If you spot these warning signs, contact pest control immediately. 

  • You find droppings around food packages, in cupboards or under the sink.
  • You notice holes chewed through walls and floors that serve as entry points.
  • You hear strange sounds coming from behind walls, cupboards and furniture.

For more information about the pest control services we offer, or if you'd like to schedule an inspection before your big event, contact Terminix today at (888) 861-7955. Our team of skilled pest control specialists is standing by to ensure you aren't sacked by an infestation this holiday season.

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