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Best Ways to Get Rid of a Mice Infestation

A mouse in the house brings in germs like salmonella, endangers vital electrical wiring and makes noises in the dead of night. The folks at Terminix West Michigan protect your home from top to bottom if you have a mice infestation. Mice need to chew their entire lives because their teeth never stop growing and wood or wiring form prime methods for controlling such growth. Let's start with the ground basics in mice control.

How Mice Enter

At the ground level of any home, cracks in the foundation or uncapped protruding pipes need a thorough inspection. Mice leave fur or droppings outside such openings that indicate an entry point immediately to an exterminator. Blocking these points remains crucial to eliminating a mice infestation.

Next, an inspector looks upward to overhanging tree branches that supply access to the top of the home, which may display niches between the eaves and the roof. A mouse needs only the diameter of a dime to shinny through into the attic. Since the attic provides warmth, dryness and protection, a colony could easily establish itself there. Mice scurrying from the attic to the spaces between walls means that all floors of the home could suffer a mice infestation.

Preventing Entry

Moving from inspection to action, the exterminator screens open pipes with rodent resistant material, plugs holes in the foundation and blocks entry into the attic and chimney. From protection from future problems to the extermination of current ones is the next step. Environmentally friendly traps and poison form effective methods to kill destructive mice and rats, too.

Mice Removal

Mice removal is the last step in mice control. Prompt disposal of dead mice means that your home remains odor-free. Our exterminators act quickly and this final stage means the shortest time possible between your initial contact with us for mice removal and the elimination of your problem.

Contact the Professionals at Terminix

Contact us at Terminix West Michigan for your mice control needs. We serve your area with free inspections and will not quit until we rid your environment of chewing rodents.

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