Restaurant Pest Control with BioSys Clean Microbial Treatment

Pest Control for Restaurants in West Michigan

drainFor restaurants, hospitals, and nursing homes, in fact, for any food service provider in Michigan, the challenges of kitchen pest infestations are cleaning to regulatory standards are unending sources of concern.

But now Terminix Commercial can help you put a safe and highly effective kind of cleaning to work. One that replaces caustic cleaning chemicals and controls pests and may provide an unexpected insurance benefit as well.

The drain cleaner that cleans floors

What it is. How it works.

Bio-Sys Microbial Treatment is an environmentally-safe premium surfactant (soap) for nonfood surfaces. Bio-Sys Treatment employs an active, safe bacteria that eats the grease, oils, and sugars on floors and in drain lines, removing a valuable food source for drain-dwelling German cockroaches and many kinds of flies. Particularly fruit, drain, and phorid flies.

Proven safe

Field-proven Bio-Sys Microbial Treatment products received an Honorable Mention for the Indiana Governor's Award for Excellence in Pollution Prevention in the P2 in Practice Category.

You will notice a marked decrease in fly activity after just 7-10 days of proper use. As an added benefit: Bio-Sys Microbial Treatment reduces kitchen slip and fall accidents by eliminating the shiny, greasy film that causes them.

Special formula for food prep surfaces

For cleaning food surfaces, use non-microbial Bio-Sys Multi-Purpose Cleaner (MPC-2000). One of the best cleaners for stainless steel and vent hoods, it is also one of the safest overall, with an MSDS rating of 0-0-0 and a neutral pH.