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Big Rapids, MI Pest Control

Big Rapids has plenty of rainfall and thriving vegetation during the warmer months. This makes the area attractive to a wide variety of pests. Also, the food, garbage, wood and people are additional sources of attraction to some pests.


While most mosquitoes live in heavily wooded areas or stay far away from humans, some of the most problematic types seek people to bite. The aedes aegypti mosquito can carry several different types of diseases. One of the scariest viruses that recently appeared in the United States is Zika. Although it does not produce fatal or serious symptoms when people contract it, the virus can be passed to an unborn fetus from the pregnant mother. Some infants whose mothers contract this virus are born with microcephaly, which is characterized by an unusually small head and reduced cognitive development. Other human-loving mosquitoes can carry dengue fever, yellow fever, and West Nile virus. Yellow fever may be fatal, and dengue can cause long-term issues. Also, West Nile may cause long-lasting fatigue and symptoms that mimic the flu.


These pests are often mistaken for ants. They have more pronounced mandibles and larger heads. Also, termites are usually tan or brown in color. It is hard to identify an infestation since termites hide behind beams, under foundations, and in other hard-to-see areas. One of the most common signs of termites is mud tubes along the foundation and walls. The structure of the tubes can tell a professional the stage of the infestation. You may see piles of wings after swarmers shed them. This is a sign that the infestation has worsened. Some people notice visibly gnawed wood, and others may report a hollow sound when they knock on wood that should sound sturdy. Subterranean termites are especially problematic because of their aggressive method of destroying wood and their large fast-growing colonies. Any type of termite infestation can cause thousands of dollars in damages. From wallpaper to foundation beams, they will destroy nearly any wood product.

General Pest Control

There are many other pests in Big Rapids. Ticks feed on blood and may transmit Lyme disease. Cockroaches are common all year. You may see them in bathrooms or kitchens spreading harmful bacteria. Carpenter ants and bees can destroy wood by burrowing in it. Moles can destroy your landscaping and even damage underground sprinkler systems. Brown recluses, black widows, and hobo spiders are poisonous and can make you ill or cause serious skin reactions. While box elder bugs are not medically significant, they can stain your walls and carpeting with their excrement. Bedbugs and bat bugs are part of the same family. They spread easily and feed on blood. We can help you eliminate any of these pests as well as a wide variety of other rodents and insects.

At Terminix of West Michigan, we take pride in our prompt and effective services. Our professionals are trained to identify infestations. We also review steps to take to reduce your risks of pests. For example, we suggest ways to eliminate standing water on your property if you have a mosquito problem, and we offer wood treatments to prevent termites. To learn more about our services or to receive a quote for pest removal, please contact us today.