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Bat Bug Control

Bat bugs are very similar in appearance to bed bugs, it takes a professional with a very good optic to see the difference. Bat bugs are parasites of bats, but they will bite and feed on humans in the absence of bats. We have seen many cases where homeowners were not aware that they have a bat population living in their attic or other part of their home until they start finding bat bugs in the living areas of their home.

Where are they Found in Michigan?

While bed bugs are typically found in the bedroom(s) or other areas where people sleep. Bugs that may first appear to be bed bugs are found in areas like kitchens, bathrooms this may actually indicate that there is a bat bug infestation. This may also indicate that bats are roosting in some part of the structure. The bat population may not be large enough to support the number of bat bugs. The bat bugs in search for a new host will come down through cracks or gaps in a ceiling and enter the main living areas of your home. While they don't pose a serious threats to humans (as they apparently are not natural vectors of human pathogens), they can be very annoying, and can irritate your skin.

Leave it to the Experts at Terminix West Michigan

Terminix of West Michigan is very experienced in dealing with Bat Bugs as well as Bed Bugs. We'd be more than happy to come out and handle the problem.