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Allendale, MI, Pest Control

The town of Allendale is located in beautiful Ottawa County, Michigan. Allendale is a pleasant place to live and work; residents have access to jobs at more than 380 manufacturing facilities in the county. There are lots of things to do outdoors along the Grand River at places like the Bass River Recreation Area.

However, the four distinct seasons in Allendale, MI, that make it a great place to live also attract a host of unwelcome pests. Terminix has been providing prompt, reliable and courteous pest control services for more than 60 years to help keep Allendale homes and businesses pest-free.

Residential Pest Control

Pests can ruin your enjoyment of your home and even lower its value. If any of these pests are showing up in your home, call Terminix of West Michigan today for dependable service.

  • Mosquitoes: Instead of applying chemicals to your skin, you can call Terminix to apply mosquito bait outside your property that attracts and kills these pests.
  • Cockroaches: If you spot a cockroach at home, take action right away. Seeing just one or two cockroaches can be a sign of a hidden infestation, and if it's not, it can quickly become one thanks to the cockroach's fast reproduction cycle.
  • Rodents: House mice, roof rats and Norway rats all pose problems to Allendale, MI, residents. They damage wood and wiring and spread parasites and bacteria. Terminix of West Michigan can remove rodents quickly and keep them from coming back.
  • Other pests: We provide pest control and services for bat bugs, boxelder bugs, bed bugs, carpenter ants, lady bugs, moles, spiders, ticks and more.

Commercial Pest Control

No matter what type of commercial structure you have in Allendale, Terminix of West Michigan has a solution. We'll assess your facility and make a comprehensive and cost-effective recommendation for commercial pest control. It's our goal to help you have a pest-free operation that's clean and safe for your customers, guests and employees. If you need dependable pest management in any commercial space, including the types listed below, please give us a call. We can provide expert on-site inspections, pest identification, pest removal and more.

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Distribution centers and warehouses
  • Property management
  • Health care
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Schools and universities

Terminix of West Michigan can solve your pest problems. Businesses appreciate our proactive approach, and residents know they can count on us to feel comfortable at home again. Please contact us today to learn more or get a free quote for service.